Patent Law - S. Grant


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Patent Law


S. Grant

First Assignment

The text we will use for Patent Law (Law 772) will be Patent Law and Policy, 5th edition by Merges and Duffy,  LexisNexis 2011, ISBN 978-1-4224-8030-4.  Please note that a loose leaf version of this text is available as ISBN 978-1-4224-8029-8.  The loose-leaf version has a significantly lower price and the students seemed to prefer it last year.  The bookstore is aware of the loose-leaf version and should have it available. 


The first week reading assignment (for Monday, 7 January 2013) is: 


Chapter 1 (pp 1-66) – skim pages 1-13; read 13-66 for discussion 

Chapter 2 (pp 67-107) – prepare the cases for presentation in class 

 DRAFT Syllabus 

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