Legal Research & Writing I, A1 - Anderson


Course Title

Legal Research & Writing I, A1



First Assignment

LAW 630-A1       Legal Research and Writing I 


                                Required Books 

1.           John C. Dernbach, et al., A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method, 5th edition,ISBN 978-1-4548-2699-6. 

2.            Amy E. Sloan, Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, 5th ed., Walters Kluwer Law and Business (2012): ISBN 978-1-4548-0847-3. 

   3.            Bryan A. Garner, Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises, University of Chicago Press (2001): ISBN 978-0-2262-8418-2. 

4.            The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 19th ed., Harvard L. Rev. Ass’n (2010): ISBN 978-0-6153-6116-1. 


                                First Assignment 

For our first class, read Chapters 1, 2, and 4 in the Dernbach text and complete the following exercises for review in class:  Exercise 1B (pp. 8-9); Exercise 2A (pp. 20-21); and Exercise 4A (pp. 49-50).