Sports and Entertainment Law Association - Capital University Law School

Sports and Entertainment Law Association

  • The Sports and Entertainment Law Association ("SELA") seeks to:

    • Interact with prominent attorneys and agents in the rapidly expanding field of sports and entertainment law.
    • Create an environment in which students can meet, exchange ideas, and learn about legal practice in the sports and entertainment fields from attorneys, agents, professors, and professional organizations.


    Historical Information 

    2013-2014 Leadership
    President: Britney Brouwer
    Vice President: Steve McCoy
    Treasurer / Entertainment Chair: Sean Thivener
    Secretary: Dennis Dahlberg
    3L Representative: Pat Heery
    2L Representative: Andy Routzahn
    Sports Chair: Joey Nero

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President:  Nicole Thurner
    Vice President: Britney Brouwer
    Treasurer: Stephen McCoy
    Secretary: Dennis Dahlberg
    Entertainment Chair: Kaitlin Walbright
    Sports Chair: John Wright
    2L Representative: Matthew Metzner
    3L Representative: Nathan Cohen
    Advisor: Amanda Fark

    2011-2012 Leadership
    President: Nicole Jackson
    Vice President: Nicole Thurner
    Treasurer: Jaclyn Chapple
    Secretary: John Wright
    Entertainment Chair: Maya Matthews
    Sports Chair: Chris Bondra 
    2010-2011 Leadership
    President: Jeremy Levan
    Vice President: Kelley Deibel
    Treasurer: Rachel Sabo
    Secretary: Nicole Jackson