Scholarship Comparison - Capital University Law School

Scholarship Comparison

  • Please choose from the links below, according to your intended program type, to compare the estimated total cost of attendance of matriculating at Capital University Law School as a first year student versus matriculating at another law school.*

    If after using the appropriate Scholarship Comparison Tool you have questions or concerns about your scholarship award from Capital University Law School, please contact the Office of Admission and Financial aid at or 614-236-6310.

    *In order to utilize the Comparison Tools, you will need the following information from the other law schools that you are comparing:

    • The cost of attendance information, including: annual tuition; estimated cost of books/supplies; estimated living expenses; and any other fees assessed by the institution.
    • The annual scholarship award you have been offered by the institution. 

    This information can ordinarily be found on the financial aid page of the law school’s website and in your scholarship award letter.