Registration Instructions Summer 2013 and Fall 2013

  • ON-LINE REGISTRATION DATES & TIMES: (Summer & Fall 2013) 

    Class Level  

     Expected Graduation  

     Summer & Fall 2013 Registration Date 

    Current 3rd year evening  (Graduating Jan ’14 or May ’14)       Wednesday, April 10th  
    Current 2nd year day (Graduating Jan ’14 or May ’14)    Thursday, April 11th  
    Current 2nd year evening (Graduating Jan ’15 or May ’15)    Friday. April 12th 
    Current 1st year day (Graduating May ’15)    Monday, April 15th  
    Open Registration Begins         Wednesday, April 17th @ Noon  
    Current 1st year evening (Graduating May ’16) *    See below *
                * Students will be registered by Records & Registration for Summer & Fall 2013 classes. The only classes you may take summer are: Criminal Law and Legal Writing III & Fall 2013 are: Con Law I, Civ Pro: Jur, & Evidence.


    • EMPLOYMENT AND DISCLOSURE FORMS:EMPLOYMENT AND DISCLOSURE FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON-LINE PRIOR TO REGISTRATION OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER. (You will need to login to Inside Capital to complete.) ALL STUDENTS will be on a registration hold until these forms have been completed and submitted. Forms must be completed online by Wednesday, March 20, 2013. ATTENTION CURRENT FIRST YEAR EVENING STUDENTS: The Office of Records & Registration will not register you until Employment & Disclosure form have been completed and submitted.


      • Any FULL TIME DAY student registered for more than 16 credit hours must seek permission from Associate Dean Janutis. A Change in Registration Form must be completed before the end of the first week of classes. These forms are located in the Office of Records and Registration.
      • FALL CREDIT HOUR LIMITS:  Full time day students must be registered for at least 12 and no more than 16 credit hours in the regular period. Part time students must be registered for at least eight (8) and no more than 11 credit hours in the regular period. Students are permitted to be under enrolled for the final term in which they are graduating, permitting they will have met the necessary credits hours (89) for graduation at the conclusion of that semester. Financial aid will be based on number of credit hours taken.
      • SUMMER CREDIT HOUR LIMITS:  Full time day students are permitted to take no more than eight (8) credit hours in the regular period and eight (8) credit hours in the intensive period. Part time students are permitted to take no more than six (6) credit hours in the regular period and six (6) credit hours in the intensive period.
    • REPEAT COURSE: If you are repeating a required course, you MUST schedule an academic advising meeting with Assistant Dean DiSanza before your scheduled registration time for the upcoming semester(s).  

    • CHANGING DIVISIONS: If you have received approval to switch divisions (day to evening/evening to day) for Summer 2013 or Fall 2013, you MUST report to the Office of Records & Registration to register on the by Friday, April 5 to ensure your priority time is correct based on your CURRENT (Spring 2013) status.

    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Under policies adopted by the Law School Council, all students who have earned less than a 2.000 cumulative grade point average at the end of their first academic program year or thereafter, will be academically dismissed. In order to petition for reinstatement, a student must have at least a 1.900 cumulative grade point average. Any student who fails to achieve a 1.900 grade point average will be academically withdrawn from all enrolled courses.  Any student so withdrawn from Capital University Law School will be entitled to a full refund of future term enrolled tuition. 



    March 20th by 6:00 p.m 

    Deadline for Employment and Disclosure Forms On-line Submission

    April 10th 

    Summer & Fall Advanced Registration Begins

    April 17th @ Noon

    Open Registration Period Begins

    May 20th (Online Only)  

    Summer 2013 Add/Drop Period Begins

    May 26th (Online Only) 

    Summer 2013 Add/Drop Period Ends

    Thru End of 1st Day


    Last Day to Drop Intensive Courses and Receive a Refund*

    (* see program notes intensive courses)

    August 26th (Online Only) 

    Fall 2013 Add/Drop Period Begins

    September 1st (Online Only) 

    Fall 2013 Add Period Ends

    September 8th (Online Only)      

    Fall 2013 Drop Period Ends


    All graduating students are responsible for meeting the basic graduation requirements which include: All required courses, satisfaction of the perspective requirement, and the upper-class writing requirement, and either a total of 86 credit hours for those who began prior to Fall 2006 or a total of 89 credit hours, for those who began Fall 2006 or later (See Manual of Policies & Procedures for more detailed requirements).