Professional Development: October 2012 - Capital University Law School

Professional Development: October 2012

  • Make a Capital Investment
    Submitted by Shawn M. Beem, L’02, Director, Office of Professional Development

    There are many ways the Capital University Law School alumni community can help our students and graduates launch their careers.

    As you are no doubt aware, the employment market for new lawyers has changed dramatically since 2008. With fewer entry-level jobs, many of our students and graduates continue to experience longer job searches and more anxiety. Despite the new economic environment, Capital’s reputation for training exceptional lawyers who possess practical knowledge, experience and judgment has been a distinct advantage during this difficult period.

    We are working aggressively to ensure our students and new graduates are prepared for the challenge. The Office of Professional Development is engaged in a variety of activities that help our students and graduates transition into successful and rewarding careers. We also have been communicating with prospective students about these challenges and giving them the tools to make thoughtful decisions.

    There are many ways alumni can support Capital’s students and fellow graduates:

    • Hire fellow grads and current students — Need some help? Hire a law clerk or new associate from Capital. Contact the Office of Professional Development to post an opening. A staff member will be in touch right away.
    • Share opportunities — When you hear about job openings, whether for summer or entry-level positions or for experienced attorneys, share them with the Law School. We can add them to our job posting board and help your identify promising candidates. Email the Office of Professional Development anytime someone forwards you a job posting.
    • Share your time – Join us for a practice panel, donate an hour of your time for our 1L Barrister Club, or conduct a mock interview. Send us an email to express interest. Alumni outside of Central Ohio who are in town for business or a visit are urged to let us know if they are willing to meet with students at the Law School.
    • Provide career advice — Students and new graduates value informational interviews. Be open to contacts from current students and new graduates looking for information about you, your practice or your place of employment. If you’re outside Central Ohio, consider being a resource for students and alumni about the legal community in which you live.
    • Be a good mentor and contact — Get involved in our Capital Law Connect program. The ability to build and maintain lasting relationships with other professionals is critical to ongoing success and career development. Capital Law Connect connects active Capital alumni with current students interested in learning more about the legal profession. This professional network will foster better student networking and informal mentoring relationships.

    Have other ideas? Reach out and give us the benefit of your counsel!