Welcome to Pro Bono

  • "If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: thou shalt not ration justice" 

    -Judge Learned Hand 

    Welcome to the Capital Law School Pro Bono page! As part of the Office of Professional Development, we encourage our students to get involved with pro bono work the moment they begin at the Law School. We aim to develop new pro bono sites and support our many students who engage in volunteer work as part of their law school experience. 

    We seek to help Capital Law School students recognize that helping those who cannot afford legal representation is of enormous importance both during law school and as a professional obligation throughout their entire career.

    There are many ways for our students to give back. In addition to our pre-approved pro bono programs, we encourage students to embark on their own custom pro bono path to establish a new project that fits their unique needs and interests. Please explore our website and please feel free to contact our Pro Bono Coordinator with any questions that you may have.