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Post-Grad Career Blueprint

  • Objective 

    Between graduation and bar results, life for a law graduate will be consumed with bar preparation and settling in to legal limbo. Your primary objective is bar success, if sitting for the bar, followed by finding employment. If you are not planning to ever sit for a bar exam, then your primary goal will be to secure employment. Regardless of your first step post-graduation, you will need to network to find employment, become involved in the bar or chosen industry, and transition to professional employment. Meeting these objectives will require preparation, patience, and persistence.

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    Activities & Tasks

    After Graduation

    • Schedule a career and professional development appointment with OPD
    • Update Linked In profile
    • If taking a bar examination,
      • Prepare resume, writing sample, unofficial transcript, list of references, etc., in order to be prepared and efficient when unexpected employment opportunities arise
      • Focus on bar success
      • Check job board at least once a week and apply accordingly - set an automated Search Agent to help you
    • If you are not sitting for a bar examination,

    After Bar Examination

    • Schedule a career and professional development appointment with OPD
    • Research the market
    • Research lawyers for informational interviews by using bar association directories or Martindale-Hubbell 
    • Get involved in local bar associations - join committees of interest, attend meetings/events, and network with attorneys
    • Add updated resume to the recent graduate resume book via Symplicity 
    • Participate in law school career and professional development activities
    • If you are returning to another city or state, consider requesting reciprocity from a law school in the area to review job postings
    • Sign-up to participate in Law Grad Connect

    After Bar Results

    • Schedule a career and professional development appointment with OPD
    • Continue to attend bar and professional association meetings
    • Apply in earnest for attorney positions
    • If admitted in Ohio, participate in the Supreme Court of Ohio Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program 
    • If you failed the bar exam,
      • Give yourself a moment to grieve
      • Reconnect with Professor Twiss to discuss next steps
      • Assess your bar preparation strengths and weaknesses
      • Make a decision to take or not to take the February exam
      • Keep your eye on the goal


    Career-Related Events 

    Employment Opportunities

    Career Fairs & Conferences

    Professional Associations

    Resume Drafting

    Cover Letter Drafting 



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