Phi Alpha Delta - Capital University Law School

Phi Alpha Delta

  • Phi Alpha Delta seeks to:

    • Emphasize academic excellence and professional responsibility.
    • Sponsor professional and social activities for students, faculty members, and administrators.
    • Abide by its motto: "Service to the student, the law school, the profession, and the legal community." 
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    2016-2017 Leadership

    Spring 2016
    Co-Chief Justices: Haley Searls / Deidra Benjamin
    Co-Vice-Justices: Victoria Hanohano-Hong / Sara Barrett
    Deputy Vice Justice: Bill Ervin
    Co-Treasurers: Brittany Gregorchik / Jordan Singleton
    Clerk: Tia Brown
    Marshal: Jordan Singleton

    Fall 2016
    Chief Justice: Makin Naseer
    Vice-Justice: Kara McCole
    Treasurer: Jordan Kennedy
    Clerk: Makin Naseer

    Historical Information 

    2015-2016 Leadership 
    Chief Justice: Brian Barnhart
    Vice-Justice: Samantha Weaver
    Deputy Vice-Justice: Heidi Callender
    Deputy Vice-Justice: Abbey Christopher
    Deputy Vice-Justice: Quincy Miller 
    Deputy Vice-Justice: Chris Brigdon
    Clerk: Bryce Winzeler
    Marshal: Brian Updyke
    Treasurer: Byron Tocheri

    2014-2015 Leadership
    Chief Justice: Kevin Soucek
    Vice-Justice: Roxanne Alexander
    Deputy Vice-Justice: Lindsay Bozanich
    Clerk & Deputy Justice: Ali Latif
    Marshal: Robert Wilson
    Treasurer: Christine Duraney

    2013-2014 Leadership
    Chief Justice: Kevin Soucek
    Vice Justice: Melody Smith
    Clerk: Roxanne Alexander
    Treasurer: Christine Duraney
    Marshall: Cory Steinmetz

    2012-2013 Leadership
    Justice: Joel Glasser
    Vice Justice: Demi Johnson
    Clerk: Erik Brunckhorst
    Treasurer: Alexa Manes
    Marshall: Erik Spitzer

    2011-2012 Leadership
    Justice: Sara Robinson
    Vice Justice: Joel Glasser
    Secretary / Clerk: Hannah Botkin
    Treasurer: Adam Klein
    Marshall: Hilari Lipton
    Advisor: Annette McMurry

    2010-2011 Leadership
    Justice: Lillian Mendieta
    Vice Justice: Sara Robinson
    Treasurer: Courtney Barker
    Secretary: Hannah Colamartino
    Marshall: Stefan Thomas