Paralegal Program Policy Information - Capital University Law School

Paralegal Program Policy Information

  • There is a substantial amount of important information for you to consider before attending our program.

    Transfer Policy

    You may apply to transfer up to 9 credit hours from an ABA-approved paralegal program. In order to transfer credits, you must be in good standing at the other institution and meet all admission requirements for the Capital University Law School Paralegal Program. We will not transfer credits for any course in which you receive below a “C.” Your transcript will reflect the award of a K credit for transferred credits and the grade will not be calculated into your cumulative grade point average.

    Honor Code

    The Capital University Law School Academic Honor Code, as revised for the Paralegal Program, applies to all certificate program students. If you are accepted into any certificate program, the Honor Code applies to you. The Honor Code is essential to the welfare of the legal profession and the people whom it serves. All students are expected to know the Honor Code and are bound by it. You can review the Honor Code in its entirety on pages 40-51 of the Paralegal Policy and Procedures Manual.

    Attendance and Grades 

    The American Bar Association establishes standards for program approval that include course and specific credit-hour requirements to ensure that students regularly attend class. Similarly, the federal government sets class-attendance standards for receiving federal financial aid. The Paralegal Program expects regular and punctual attendance of all program students, and attendance is taken at all class sessions. You can review additional attendance information on pages. 7-8 of the Paralegal Policy and Procedures Manual.

    Please review the Paralegal Policy and Procedures Manual 2015-2016 for more detail on these and other Paralegal Program and Law School policies.