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Our Program


    Degree Requirements, Course of Study, and Course Load

    Capital University Law School confers the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) after a student has passed a sufficient number of courses to have earned 89 credit hours of study. In order to graduate, a student must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Credit hours are earned only for courses in which a student is awarded a grade of D or better, the grade of S (satisfactory), or the transcript designation of K (transfer credit).

    Required Courses

    Certain subjects are deemed so fundamental for a complete understanding of American jurisprudence that they are required for graduation. Students must pass each of these courses to satisfy the graduation requirement. Courses specifically required for graduation are listed in Table I (following), and must be taken in the year and the semester prescribed below or at the earliest possible time. Federal Personal Income Tax is not required for students entering prior to 1997.

    In addition, students must fulfill an upper-class writing requirement and a perspective course.

    The requirements for graduation, the availability of courses, course content, and credit hour allocations are subject to change as the Law School faculty shall determine.