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December 2016

Dan Kobil TN
Professor Dan Kobil was quoted in December regarding state clemency practices by writers for the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Herald. These articles can be found here and here.

October 2016

Richard Wood
Professor Richard Wood recently presented at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on “The Tax Benefits of Adoption.” He covered basic tax calculations, the adoption tax credit under Internal Revenue Code § 23, and other tax benefits of adopting children. The program was organized by FYLaw.

Jacqueline Orlando TN
Professor Jacqueline Orlando recently spoke at the Columbus Bar Association’s “Summer Associate Legal Research Seminar.” She also participated in the Law Librarian’s caucus of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

September 2016

Susan Gilles
Professor Susan Gilles presented at the Ohio Center for Law Related Education, 2016 Law & Citizenship Conference on September 19th. Her presentation focused on “False Statements in the Media: A Legal Overview”.

Professor Gilles also had a JLE article published: An Active Learning Approach to Teaching: Tough Topics: Personal Jurisdiction as an Example, 65 J. Legal Educ. 772 ( 2016). Professor Gilles along with Cynthia Ho and Angela Upchurch collaborated to write the article. The article can be found here:

Joined by Dean Jauntis and Law Review members, Professor Gilles was also at the Franklin University Learning Showcase on October 7. More information about the showcase can be found here.

Risa Lazaroff TN
Professor Risa Lazaroff has been named to the Inaugural Advisory Board for the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University. The mission of the Board is to support and enhance the Department’s efforts to educate, mentor, and provide unique experiences to students to prepare them for successful careers and lives.

July 2016

Floyd Weatherspoon
Professor Emeritus Floyd Weatherspoon’s book, Labor & Employment Arbitration: Leading Cases & Decisions. A Practical Approach to the Study of Arbitration, was released this month. As the publisher notes, "This casebook presents material which both students and practitioners will find useful in analyzing, writing, and interpreting arbitration awards and cases. Unlike the traditional casebook, there are less theoretical concepts and historical developments. Instead, the book includes a broad collection of arbitration court cases and arbitration awards to analyze, followed by discussion questions, case problems, and summaries."

It is available on the publisher’s website or on

May 2016

Brad Smith TN

Professor Brad Smith recently penned an article for the Federalist titled “Why Getting Money Out of Politics Hurts the Little Guy”. The article can be found here.

He also spoke at the Federalist Society Executive Branch Review Conference in Washington, D.C., on panel with former SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins, former FTC Commissioner Ron Cass, and Judge Laurence Silberman. His speech can be viewed here.

Professor Smith has also filed an amicus brief in U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit in Silberstein v. SEC, on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Appropriations Chair Thad Cochran, Senate Banking Chair Richard Shelby, and Senate Financial Services Committee Chair John Boozman. The brief and Professor Smith have made the news; the articles can be viewed here and here. The brief itself can be found here.

Other recent activities by Professor Smith include a speech at the Moyer Inns of Court, regarding the “Open Seat: Does the Senate Have a Constitutional Duty to Act on Garland Nomination.” He also written articles published in The Atlantic and USA Today. The articles can be found here and here.

April 2016

Jeff Ferriell TN

Professor Jeff Ferriell made a presentation to the Ohio State Bar Association’s Council of Delegates on behalf of the OSBA’s Banking, Commercial Law, and Bankruptcy Committee on Wednesday, April 27. His presentation was in support of the Committee’s recommendation that the Ohio State Bar Association support Ohio’s adoption of the 2002 amendments to Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code. The Council of Delegates approved the proposal and Professor Ferriell expects to work with the OSBA’s Legislative Counsel to identify a legislative sponsor for the proposed legislation.

In addition, Professor Ferriell recently testified before the Ohio House of Representative’s Committee on Financial Institutions, Housing, and Urban Development in connection with Ohio House Bill 463. His testimony focused on proposed changes to Ohio’s enactment of the Uniform Commercial Code’s rules on the enforcement of lost or stolen promissory notes, which are part of a larger set of changes to Ohio’s rules dealing with mortgage foreclosure cases. He was invited to participate in the legislative hearing because of his role as a member of Ohio’s delegation to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (Uniform Law Commission). Professor Ferriell has served as a Uniform Law Commissioner since 2007.

Dan Kobil
Professor Dan Kobil published an opinion piece in the Columbus Dispatch on April 12, 2016, arguing that the refusal of the Senate to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is improper and undermines our constitutional system. The opinion can be read here:

March 2016

Dan Kobil TN
Professor Dan Kobil, who teaches constitutional law, was interviewed regarding the United States Supreme Court on “Town Hall Ohio,” a radio program produced by the Ohio Farm Bureau. The interview was broadcast on March 12 and 13 on Columbus radio station 610 WTVN and on ten other radio stations across Ohio. Professor Kobil discussed the history of the Supreme Court, some of its most significant decisions and justices, and the current controversy regarding President Obama’s efforts to appoint a successor to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. The program link is found at:

February 2016

Dan Kobil TN
Professor Dan Kobil spoke to the Bexley City Council at their annual retreat concerning First Amendment issues on February 6, 2016. The Council members sought guidance on the extent to which expressive activities like door-to-door visits and handing out flyers can be regulated. Professor Kobil has taught Constitutional Law at Capital University Law School since 1987. He has also helped to litigate free speech cases involving successful challenges to municipal ordinances regulating public interest canvassing, most recently the case of Ohio Citizen Action v. City of Englewood, 671 F.3d 564, 579 (6th Cir. 2012).

On February 10, 2016, Professor Kobil testified before the Criminal Justice Committee of the Ohio Senate regarding Senate Bill 162. The bill would ban the execution of those who suffer from severe mental illness at the time that they committed an offense that otherwise would have subjected them to the death sentence. Professor Kobil spoke on behalf of fifty two law professors from across Ohio who signed a letter to the Committee urging passage of the bill to ensure that capital punishment in Ohio will no longer be imposed on those who are less culpable for their crimes owing to serious mental disorders.

Brad Smith TN
Professor Brad Smith has recently penned articles for the New York Daily News, National Review, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times about the 2016 Presidential election. Topics of his articles vary from an opinion piece on Donald Trump to campaign finance reform to Super PACs. The Boston Globe, Washington Post, Las Vegas Sun, (Spokane) Spokesman Review, Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, ABC, National Journal have all quoted Professor Smith on various issues as well. He has also released the second edition of the casebook, Voting Rights and Election Law, with Michael Dimino, Jr. and Michael Solimine.

Professor Smith has also contributed to the "Courts, Campaigns & Corruption: Judicial Recusal Five Years After Caperton" forum at New York University Law School. Other speaking engagements include “Constitution Day: Future of the Voting Rights Act” at West Virginia University College of Law with Professor Atiba Ellis, "Advocacy and the First Amendment: Should Nonprofits Disclose Their Donors" at the Heritage Foundation with John Samples,"The Future of Free Speech” at the Buckley Institute, Yale University with Kevin Williamson, Roger Scruton, Harry Stein, “Campaign Finance Reform & the Roberts Court” University of Cincinnati College of Law Federalist Society, and “Past and Future of Buckley v. Valeo” panel on “Why the Buckley Decision Matters” with Floyd Abrams.

Other recent accomplishments include a podcast for the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on the 15th Amendment. Accompanying Professor Smith on the podcast are Rick Pildes of New York University and Jeff Rosen of George Washington University. The podcast can be found here.

Rick Pildes and Professor Smith also collaborated to write articles for the National Constitution Center. The articles can be found here:

Professor Smith has recently completed an encyclopedia entry in the book, Campaign Finance Practices, in American Governance.

Follow Professor Smith @CommishSmith on Twitter and read his periodical blog posts.