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July 2017

Dan Kobil

Professor Dan Kobil, who has written extensively on the clemency power of presidents and governors, published an opinion piece in in the July 22, 2017, edition of the Columbus Dispatch entitled: “President has Power to Pardon in cases of Treason.” Professor Kobil discussed the broad scope of the president’s power to issue pardons to those who may have violated federal law by colluding with Russia, and argued the only remedy for abuse of this presidential authority would be impeachment and removal of the president. An electronic version of the essay is found here.

Professor Kobil was also quoted by the news website, Politifact, on July 21, 2017. The entire article can be found here

May 2017

Dan Kobil TN
Professor Dan Kobil and alumna Colleen Marshall, L'04 (Massucci Law Group) facilitated a conversation entitled, The 1st Amendment: Freedoms of Speech, Press and Assembly, hosted by the Columbus Bar Association. The conversation centered on the freedoms articulated in the Bill of Rights, first amendment to the Constitution. Moderated by an academic for historical context and an attorney/journalist for current context, this event featured spirited discourse as to what these rights mean to us today.  The purpose of the discussion was not to stoke political divides, but rather to lessen the rhetoric by offering historical context, legal precedent, and active dialogue to foster a better understanding of today’s world events. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the 14th amendment. To honor our rich history of civil liberties, the Columbus Bar Association is hosting a series of informal, moderated conversations on modern day constitutional issues.

December 2016

Dan Kobil TN
Professor Dan Kobil was quoted in December regarding state clemency practices by writers for the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Herald. These articles can be found here and here.

October 2016

Richard Wood
Professor Richard Wood recently presented at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on “The Tax Benefits of Adoption.” He covered basic tax calculations, the adoption tax credit under Internal Revenue Code § 23, and other tax benefits of adopting children. The program was organized by FYLaw.

Jacqueline Orlando TN
Professor Jacqueline Orlando recently spoke at the Columbus Bar Association’s “Summer Associate Legal Research Seminar.” She also participated in the Law Librarian’s caucus of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

September 2016

Susan Gilles
Professor Susan Gilles presented at the Ohio Center for Law Related Education, 2016 Law & Citizenship Conference on September 19th. Her presentation focused on “False Statements in the Media: A Legal Overview”.

Professor Gilles also had a JLE article published: An Active Learning Approach to Teaching: Tough Topics: Personal Jurisdiction as an Example, 65 J. Legal Educ. 772 ( 2016). Professor Gilles along with Cynthia Ho and Angela Upchurch collaborated to write the article. The article can be found here:

Joined by Dean Jauntis and Law Review members, Professor Gilles was also at the Franklin University Learning Showcase on October 7. More information about the showcase can be found here.

Risa Lazaroff TN
Professor Risa Lazaroff has been named to the Inaugural Advisory Board for the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University. The mission of the Board is to support and enhance the Department’s efforts to educate, mentor, and provide unique experiences to students to prepare them for successful careers and lives.