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Why Derein Rogers Chose Capital

2/5/2019  -  In real estate, there’s a saying that the three things that matter most are: location, location, location. That also proved to be true for Derein Rogers, L’20, when she was trying to decide where to pursue her law degree.

Derein had known for some time that she wanted to attend law school, so her next decision was to determine which law school would provide the best fit. She chose Capital University Law School primarily for its location.

It’s not too far from her hometown of Chicago and, being right in the middle of downtown Columbus, reminds Derein a little bit of home. She says those are just two of the many factors that helped her to make what she says was one of the most important decisions of her life.

Another draw is the student organizations, which Derein says provide great opportunities to make long-lasting friends and build professional networking skills. She is making the most of her opportunities to become involved. Derein is a lead student ambassador, vice president for the Children and Family Law Association, and the executive secretary for the Black Law Student Association.

It’s not surprising considering Derein always has been goal-oriented and motivated since she first entered school at age 4. The class valedictorian, she was labeled the “Westside Unicorn,” in a high school where 10 percent of the students go on to college and less than 70 percent of her class graduated.

Following high school, she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a certificate in multicultural studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Derein says she loves to learn about different types of people and their backgrounds and, more importantly, wants to help them to be successful.

It’s very likely that when she graduates, she will pursue her law career in the Midwest. She says the exact state is still to be determined, but to practice law in Ohio or Illinois would be ideal.

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