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Why Grace Gregori Chose Capital

1/22/2019  -  When Grace Gregori, L’19, began to think about law school, she wasn’t sure if her educational background in archaeology had properly prepared her for the legal world. Her first semester at Capital University Law School changed all that.

She says she was “hooked,” after taking a contract law class taught by Professor Peggy Cordray. “I realized that my analytical and sociological skills learned through archaeology were easily transferable to the legal field,” she says.

Grace was “no longer terrified, but rather inspired” to search for her own niche in the legal community. Her love of history and passion for communities, along with guidance from “several wonderful professors” led her down the path of constitutional and civil rights law.

Prior to enrolling in law school, Grace earned her undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and had traveled through Europe on multiple archaeological excavations, studying both late 16th Century Irish agricultural settlement patterns and the lasting osteological effects of Italy’s 18th Century cholera outbreak.

She says she chose CapLaw for its supportive professors and open-door policy. “Capital Law is a diverse family, encompassing students from all cultural and educational backgrounds,” she says. “The professors strive for their students to succeed, even those from non-legal backgrounds.”

The support that Capital Law embodies has turned Grace’s fear of failure as a law student into an ambition to achieve even more than she ever thought possible.

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