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Law School and School of Management Collaborate on Joint Negotiations Class

5/2/2018  -  Capital University's Law School has joined with the School of Management to offer Conflict Management and Business Negotiations as a joint class. Law Students meet weekly with upper level MBA students to refine their techniques and methodologies for problem-solving and managing complex negotiations in business settings. Both groups of students participate in a series of mock multi-party negotiations overseen by a multidisciplinary teaching staff consisting of Dr. Sherry Peck from the School of Management and Capital University Law School adjunct professors Julie Davis and Steve Samuels.

Capital Law School’s Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Branden Smith attends the class to bone up on his negotiation skills. “I think this class may be a sign of things to come. Multidisciplinary and cross-listed courses like this one give students from both the School of Management and Capital University Law School to hear new perspectives on the subject matter of business negotiation while networking with people outside of their respective groups.” Professor Samuels commented that “The opportunity to join these two disparate groups of students to learn from each other is invaluable. Some of the soon-to-be lawyers in the room may have met some of their future clients."

The class meets at Capital University Law School on Wednesdays in Spring of 2018.