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Why Hank Schaab Chose Capital Law

4/4/2018  - 

Hank Schaab, L’19, doesn’t shy away from difficult goals.

Growing up in Columbus, he wasn’t just a Boy Scout – He became an Eagle Scout, and then served as assistant scout master. As an undergraduate at Ohio Dominican University, he played football as a defensive lineman, bulking up to 300 pounds (and graduating with honors along the way). Then, when he no longer needed to be massive, he shed 110 pounds through a structured program called “Modern Physique,” by Steve Cook.

When he was considering law schools, he also set a goal: He wanted to be in a city, and he wanted a supportive environment. He soon found that Capital University Law School fit the bill.

“Being so immersed in downtown Columbus has provided opportunities to be close to law firms and governmental offices,” says Hank. “This is essential for obtaining employment during the school year and summer.”

“The school’s location really helped when I was searching for jobs,” he continues. Last year, Hank parlayed Capital’s location and strong preparation into a job as a legal intern at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office, where he still works. In addition to his job at the Prosecutor’s office and attending school, Hank still manages to find time to serve as the 2L class representative to the Law School’s Student Bar Association and help out as a Student Ambassador.

Moreover, Hank appreciates Capital’s helpful environment. “One of the things I like about the educational experience here,” he says, “is how professors will often bend over backwards, even when they are extremely busy, to help a student with a subject, no matter how trivial, and are always willing to help.”

And it’s not just professors who lend a helping hand. “I have always gotten along with the people in my class,” he says, “and I really enjoy the other students here. Everyone is very down to earth, friendly, and if anyone ever needs anything, there is always someone there to help.”

After graduation, Hank wants to continue working at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office or in some type of criminal law or governmental position. He knows that a successful legal career will sometimes require some heavy lifting – and with the education he’s gained at Capital, along with his own determination, he’s more than prepared to do it.

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