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Why Jilian Weithman Chose Capital Law

3/28/2018  - 

Like most prospective law students, Jilian Weithman, L’19, considered numerous schools when deciding where to pursue her legal education. But when she visited Capital, the decision was practically made for her as soon as she walked in the door.

“It felt completely right,” says Jilian. “When I stepped into the building and went on a tour, I felt that I was witnessing a community that held endless opportunities, where people were truly there to help law students in any way they could.”

After having grown up Urbana, Ohio, and attended Miami University in the small community of Oxford, Ohio, Jilian wanted to be in a larger city. Since matriculating at Capital, she hasn’t been disappointed in the school or Columbus.

“There’s always something to do in Columbus,” says Jilian. “And I love Capital’s prime downtown location.”

As an undergraduate, Jilian majored in political science and social justice studies. She remains committed to helping society’s less fortunate, which is a big part of why she intends to pursue a career as a public defender.

Criminal defense, she says, “is where social justice and law intersect. Most people accused of criminal offenses are indigent and need appointed counsel, who will help them to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. It is important to me that everyone who may be at risk of losing his liberty has a knowledgeable advocate who will represent his best interests.”

Since coming to Capital, she has landed two law clerk positions relevant to her career goals, in the juvenile divisions of both the Ohio Public Defender’s Office and the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office. 

And she’s been active in many student organizations, including the Women’s Law Association, the Equality Alliance, and the ACLU. She has is currently serving as both a peer advisor and a student ambassador.

Now in her second year at Capital, Jilian says she has no regrets. “I’ve made some great friends,” she says. “And, I’ve gotten a terrific education that I’m confident will get me where I want to be.”

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