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Why Sara Barrett Chose Capital Law

2/14/2018  - 

Capital’s focus on real world preparedness was what drew Sara Barrett, L ’19, to move all the way from Arizona to Ohio.

“I did a lot of research and visited several schools before realizing Capital University Law School was where I wanted to be,” explained Sara. “Capital makes sure you are not only prepared to pass the Bar Exam but also prepared to work when you find a job,” she added.

Sara has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Management and Policy from the University of Arizona and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Legal Studies from Grand Canyon University.

Having completing her first year of law school, Sara said she has come to love the small class sizes and community the school provides her. She said she has made lifelong friendships and has really enjoyed her learning experience, with open discussion in class to give the material depth.

After law school she wants to focus in Criminal Defense work, but would also like to do work in Family Law. “I’ve always been interested in Criminal Law but recently became involved in doing pro bono work for the Family Youth Law center at Capital and it made me really interested in Family Law and wanting to learn more about it,” she said.

“After graduating I plan to go into the public sector working for the Public Defender’s office,” she explained. “ I would also like to work with a family law practice to learn the ins and outs of family law so one day I can open my own practice and do both family and criminal law. My long-term goal is to get a judgeship.”

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