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Why Natalie Kahler Chose Capital

2/6/2018  - 

Many students find that attending law school full time, while managing the demands of work and family, tests their ability to balance competing responsibilities. But for Natalie Kahler, L’18, a sense of balance has long been a necessity – literally and metaphorically – owing to her early career as a nationally-competitive gymnast.

Growing up in Upper Arlington, Ohio, Natalie trained in gymnastics from childhood through college. Indeed, Natalie was so accomplished that she was awarded a four-year scholarship by Temple University to compete on behalf the school’s Division One gymnastics program. While at Temple, Natalie learned how to work hard on the balance beam while also making a strong effort in the classroom. Natalie was named to the Eastern College Athletic Conference All-Academic Team and in 2013 received her B.A. degree in Criminal Justice from Temple.

After college, Natalie came back to Columbus and sought employment in the area of criminal law to see if a law career would prove rewarding. She landed a job with the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in the Grand Jury Division. There, Natalie quickly learned that she wanted to pursue a career in the law, aspiring to one day become a prosecuting attorney.

In selecting a law school, Natalie says that she “was interested in schools located in major cities with vibrant legal markets, like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Columbus.” After considering DePaul University and Temple University, Natalie decided to come to Capital because of her generous scholarship offer, as well as “how involved the school is in integrating law students with alumni and potential networking sources.”

During law school, Natalie has particularly enjoyed learning about legal areas that will have practical application to a future career practicing criminal law, such as Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure. She has also continued to pursue her twin passions for gymnastics and law, serving as the Team Program Coach at Universal Gymnastics until she had to give that up in 2016 to accept a position as a legal intern at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office.

Natalie currently works at the Prosecutor’s office for 20 hours a week while attending law school full-time. Somehow, she also manages to find time to serve as a Student Ambassador for the Capital Admissions Office, participate in the Criminal Law Association as a 3L Representative, and enjoy the amenities of downtown Columbus with her friends.

“I love all of the interesting events, great restaurants, and cool entertainment venues that Columbus has to offer, which is part of why I chose Capital,” she says.

Upon graduation in May, Natalie plans to study rigorously and pass the Ohio Bar Examination. Then, she hopes to obtain what she calls her “dream job” as a Franklin County Prosecutor in the Ohio Court of Common Pleas. Given the hard work and tenacity that has marked her career so far, it looks like she has a good chance to “stick her landing.”

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