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Larae Schraeder: Succeeding Day and Night at Capital

9/18/2017  -  Some people might think that going to law school at night while holding down a full time job makes excelling at both nearly impossible.

Tell that to Larae Schraeder, L’18.

When Ms. Schraeder began attending Capital, she already had a rewarding position with Nationwide Insurance as the Director of Corporate Library and Archives heading a team and managing a nearly $3,000,000 budget.

Now in her final year of law school, she still holds her demanding job at Nationwide, but she has taken advantage of every opportunity to succeed at Capital. Over the summer, Ms. Schraeder assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Capital University Law Review, one of Capital’s highest student honors. She also has received several distinguished scholarship awards from various organizations, including the Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorney’s 2017 Diversity Scholarship, and the Ohio Women's Bar Foundation 2017 scholarship. And this semester, she is serving as an extern to the Honorable Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Ms. Schraeder had a long-held dream of becoming a lawyer. And Capital University Law School’s flexible evening program and its CapLaw Partners tuition-reimbursement program has helped bring her to the brink of achieving her dream.

She recounts, “When I first applied to Capital, I had no illusions about getting showered with scholarship money. I knew I couldn’t quit my day job. I needed to support my family, and I’m an average standardized test-taker.”

Capital’s evening program allowed her to attend school at night and maintain her normal work schedule. Traditional law school exams are not structured like standardized tests, so she excelled in the classroom, and she found creative ways to cover the tuition. The CapLaw Partner’s program (see ), which matches part of her employer’s annual tuition reimbursement benefit, helped facilitate her law school career.

But Ms. Schraeder’s pursuit of her dream also entailed burning a good bit of midnight oil. “I preferred to study in the classrooms at night, after everyone else had left the building. I reviewed the material while it was fresh. I also got to know Capital’s evening staff—and even started calling Annette Nowlin, in housekeeping, my law school Mom.”

For the Ohio Women’s Bar Foundation’s awards ceremony in May, Ms. Schraeder was allowed to bring two guests. With Mother’s Day coming up, she of course asked her mother, Kala Sue Bush, to attend. And fittingly, she was also honored to be accompanied by her “school Mom,” Annette Nowlin, who, Ms. Schraeder says, “has been rooting for me and encouraging me these last few years.”