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Why Lauren Larrick Chose Capital Law

5/17/2017  - 

Growing up in Beavercreek, Ohio, Lauren Larrick, L’17, was a bookish girl who never felt that she had found her community. Looking for a sense of belonging, Lauren attended The Ohio State University for her undergraduate degree. However, she didn’t feel like she belonged there, either. The large classes made it difficult to make friends or connect with a professor and, therefore, Lauren never joined any clubs or organizations. Lauren did finally decide on a major, which, though not practical for future employment, gave her great pleasure: English.

A lot changed when she decided to attend Capital University Law School. Capital was a place where Lauren’s love of learning and language made sense. Lauren’s nerd-like qualities didn’t set her apart – on the contrary, Lauren now had friends who could chat just as enthusiastically with her about her favorite class – Constitutional Law taught by Professor Mark Brown. Moreover, Lauren had friends who would go to Columbus networking events with her and put in hundreds of hours with her in the Law Review room.

Lauren chose Capital for two main reasons: 1) Columbus is an active, vibrant, and growing city; and 2) Lauren appreciated the flexibility and diversity that Capital provided for someone who wanted to work full-time. Little did Lauren know that she would come to have so many other reasons for loving her school, including some amazing professors and a small, close-knit environment. Lauren knows that the friendships she has made at Capital will last a lifetime. Moreover, the skills Lauren has learned during her time at Capital have her well-prepared for her future career in Employment Law.

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