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Why Justine Allen Chose Capital Law

4/11/2018  - 

For Justine Allen, L’18, going to law school has been a life-long goal. But why did she choose Capital?

Having graduated from Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana, a school of just over 2,100 students, Justine knows all of the benefits of going to a smaller school. However, when it came down to the last two schools on her list, Capital was the obvious choice for many reasons, not just size.

“Not only was Capital the right size, but it is in a great location,” she explained. Located within walking distance of the center of downtown, Capital is perfect for establishing connections and getting experience. “You’re just a short walk away from the Columbus Bar Association and the Franklin County Court House,” says Justine.

Justine was born and raised in Columbus, but being at Capital has allowed her to experience Downtown in a different way. “Columbus has really grown since I was a kid” she said. “There is always something to do from Columbus Commons to the short north.” According to Justine, getting to experience this new downtown is a plus.

Justine’s time at Capital has exceeded her expectations. Part of what drew Justine to Capital was the “warmth and accessibility” of the professors.

“You don’t find that at many undergraduate institutions let alone law schools,” she says. At Capital, Justine found more opportunities than she expected. In her first year, Justine was able to attend several workshops put on by the office of professional development and several alumni networking events. “Capital alumni are always very friendly and willing to help and give advice,” she says. “Capital has a great alumni base.”

“One of the school’s focuses is making sure you are ‘work ready,’” Justine says. She is currently part of the school’s externship program, regularly volunteers at a brief advice clinic in the city, and volunteered for the school’s income tax clinic. Next year, Justine hopes to participate in Capital’s General Clinic, which she says, comes highly recommended by attorneys in the city.

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