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Why Marie Ragias Chose Capital Law

3/22/2017  - 

Marie Ragias, L ’17, wasn’t always sure that law school was in her plans. However, once she made the decision to take the journey, choosing Capital University Law School “was easy,” she says. Marie, a third-year student, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a specialization in Real Estate from The Ohio State University in 2013. She initially selected Capital because of the strong Columbus legal market and also Capital’s success in preparing students for the practice of law.

It has always been Marie’s dream to work in real estate development and she has used the Capital Alumni network to realize that goal. “Capital alumni are extremely receptive and love having the opportunity to talk with students like me about future employment opportunities or tips for making it in the legal real estate market,” she says. Indeed, one of the many things she appreciates about Capital is its extensive and loyal alumni network.

Another advantage that Capital has provided to Marie is the practical training she has received. “The externship sites are extensive and provide great opportunities to get hands-on experience in the legal field while earning class credit,” says Marie. “And there are numerous writing and alternative dispute resolution classes I have taken that have enhanced my ability to practice as soon as I graduate.”

Marie has also taken advantage of the many extra-curricular activities Capital offers. She has enjoyed being an Articles Editor for Volume 45 of the Capital University Law Review. She also has made it a point to give back to her school by volunteering to serve as a Student Ambassador to help prospective students decide whether Capital is the right opportunity for them. During her first summer in law school, she also volunteered full-time with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus. She has also worked for a small law firm over the past several months.

“Real estate has always been my passion, but I think it’s important to gain experience in other areas of the law too,” says Marie. That’s why Marie sought and obtained an externship this past fall working for the Ohio Public Defenders Office in their Wrongful Conviction Department. “I really enjoyed my work with the Public Defender—it was fascinating to see how the criminal justice system operates,” she observes. However, that experience also confirmed for Marie the wisdom of her decision to seek a job working in real estate. “I like real estate and transactional law because everyone is working together to negotiate a deal, so in essence everyone wins—which is very satisfying,” says Marie.

Columbus is growing quickly and has a vibrant social scene, which is another one of the things that attracted Marie to attend Capital. “There are so many places to explore and enjoy in Columbus,” explains Marie.“Some of the best restaurants in Ohio are located in Columbus and Capital is located right in the heart of everything.”

“Capital Law has been a terrific choice because it offered me the opportunities I needed to network and improve my writing skills,” says Marie, “I’m proud to attend Capital University Law School, and I would encourage anyone interested in law school to learn about all of the possibilities that Capital provides to its students.”

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