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Why Brian Morgan Chose Capital Law

3/15/2017  - 

Brian Morgan, L’17, chose Capital University Law School primarily for its part-time evening program. “I knew I wanted to go to law school,” he explained, “but I also knew that I could not afford to not work.”

As a 2010 graduate of Franklin University, Brian was working for NetJets when he was accepted to law school. While he always knew he wanted to be a lawyer, he was unsure about what type.

“When I first started law school, I really thought I wanted to do corporate law so I got a job in my company’s legal department,” he said. “I realized very quickly that corporate law wasn’t for me and fell in love with criminal law.”

After leaving NetJets, Morgan began clerking for the Franklin County Public Defender’s office. The fast-paced culture in the Municipal Court House drew him in and did not let go. “Working for the Public Defender’s office confirmed my interest in criminal law and allowed me to start using that interest in scheduling my classes for the remainder of law school,” he said.

Although born in upper Michigan, Brian has fallen in love with his adopted hometown of Columbus. He cites the city’s large variety of dining options, as well as the fact that the city is active during all four seasons, as some of his favorite parts about living in the state capital.

Currently working as an extern with the US Attorney’s office, Brian is deciding on what type of criminal law he wants to practice after he graduates. 

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