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Marie Ragias Wins Law Review Scholarship

12/6/2016  - 

Marie Ragias, L’ 17, is the latest winner of the 2002-2003 Law Review Board Scholarship.

This scholarship was created by the 2002-2003 Law Review Board to benefit the student who does the most to advance the cause of law review each year.

“We chose Marie because she always had a positive attitude and was willing to help the board and her fellow staff members,” said Caitlin Schultz, L’ 16, last year’s Editor in Chief, who oversaw the selection process. “Her work was of the highest quality and she is a model staff member.”

To be eligible for the award, the student must be a staff member on law review and must be returning to school the following year. It is a one-time reward, so there is no maintenance requirement and the award amount varies from year to year.

Ms. Ragias said that the award came as quite a “welcome surprise.”

“I didn't even know the 2002‐2003 Law Review Board Scholarship existed until I received it at the annual law review banquet this past spring,” she said. “I was flattered that I was being recognized for my hard work.”

Ms. Ragias says that law review was the most challenging part of her second year in law school, pushing her beyond her limits.

Last year's Executive Board is in the process of creating a scholarship fund to be given annually to the staff member on law review who most embodies the quality of inclusion on the staff. The new scholarship is an effort to recognize the importance of teamwork, community and to encourage cooperation.