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CapLaw Helps Students Succeed

11/2/2016  - 

Law school can be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience. Capital University Law School offers a diverse array of opportunities to help our incoming students succeed in their first year of law school. The Academic Success Program (ASP) is one such opportunity. ASP helps first year law students by offering a pre-matriculation in the summer, skill development workshops and individualized instruction from first year faculty members throughout the year.

Summer ASP
Summer ASP is an active-learning program that provides more than just a glimpse into law school. Law school is unlike anything a student might have experienced. The course load is demanding with dense reading material covering a wide range of subjects. Most professors use the Socratic Method, which refers to randomly, and without prior notice, calling on a student to answer questions in class. During Summer ASP, students prepare themselves for this new experience by participating in three mock doctrinal classes that cover one substantive area. The students also participate in skills development sessions. The skills development sessions cover case briefing, note taking, outlining, and law school exam strategies. The doctrinal classes and skill sessions are taught by Capital faculty members. These same professors also provide individual and group feedback on practice exams and class exercises.

Fall ASP
Classroom Skills Instruction
During the fall semester, Capital provides skills instruction on case reading, case briefing, legal analysis and exam preparation strategies to each first year student. These skills are taught by a first year faculty member and are fully integrated into the first year curriculum as part of our Integrated Core Competencies class.

One-on-One Instruction with First Year Law Professors
Capital’s first year faculty members provide valuable insight into how a student can succeed. All students are encouraged to meet with their professors to clarify points of the law or to follow-up on a class discussion.

Professor Molina, the Director of ASP, is also available during her office hours or by appointment to meet with students individually to discuss concerns or questions about: adjusting to the stresses and challenges of law school, time management, improving study methods and exam preparation strategies.

Fall ASP Workshops
To further assist first year law students, Fall ASP also offers workshops on class and exam preparation strategies including:

  • Time Management Workshop 
  • Outlining & Practice Exam Workshop
  • Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions Workshop

Spring ASP
Spring ASP is designed primarily for students whose academic achievement during the fall semester indicates they might benefit from individualized skills training to help improve their performance on law school exams. Spring ASP will offer workshops and one-on-one instruction on critical law school study techniques and exam taking strategies including:

  • Learning from Last Semester 
  • Outlining & Practice Exam 
  • Multiple Choice Exam Strategies