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Why Giles Allen Chose Capital Law

6/7/2016  - 

Giles Allen, L’17, explains that he chose Capital University Law School, in part, because of “small classes and extremely accessible professors, which is rare with many law schools.” A 2013 graduate of Ohio University, Giles, now a rising 3L, earned a Bachelor of Specialized Studies with a concentration in business law and political science. After college, he worked with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine for a year before starting law school.

Giles started building his network and investigating options for legal education early. “While at the Attorney General’s office, I had the opportunity to interact with many lawyers every day, including many Capital Law alumni,” he says. “Working with them illustrated the impressive work that they did and the great appreciation they had for their Capital education.”

“I chose Capital for a variety of reasons.” Giles remembers. “First, the financial aid award was a little larger than some other schools. Additionally, already having an apartment in German Village, (an historic neighborhood adjacent to Downtown), I preferred to be able to stay close which was a big convenience with Capital.”

Active in the Capital Law community, Giles served as Treasurer of the Federalist Society, works as a Student Ambassador with the Office of Admission, interned in the criminal section of the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, and will serve next year as the Student Bar Association Day Vice-President.

Giles spoke with pride about the law school’s proximity to the Columbus legal community, “My network has grown quite a bit since starting at Capital Law,” he says. “The school is right Downtown, so it is easy to walk to law offices and meet with attorneys, which I have done many times, even if just to chat over coffee.”

“I believe doing this has been a tremendous boon to me professionally,” he adds.

Following the advice of the Office of Professional Development Giles does informational interviews with a variety of attorneys. “It teaches me about the different fields of practice that are available, as well as, the practice of law as a whole,” he says.

For the summer, Giles has returned to the Office of the Attorney General but in a different role, this time as a Law Clerk. He is keeping his options open for life after law school.

“I haven’t completely decided what I would like to do upon graduation,” he says. “But I know that I would like to stay involved in politics in some way and hopefully have the opportunity for some public service, in some form or another.”

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