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Why Makin Naseer Chose Capital Law

3/11/2016  - 

Makin Naseer, L’16, always wanted to go to law school, but couldn’t find the “right time to go.” Her mother’s encouragement helped solve that problem. “I was running from law school,” says Makin, a third-year student. “After finishing my undergrad in Wisconsin, I could have gone in 2009, but part of me got scared. When 2012 came, my Mom said, ‘What are you doing, child? Go to law school!’” Despite some good reasons for delaying, her mom’s advice and support began her law school journey.

As an out of state student, Makin left her home in Wisconsin and moved to Florida to study the law. While the warm climate was appealing, the school she chose did not turn out to be the right fit. “At Capital Law, students matter,” she says. “Unfortunately for me, at my first school, that was their story, but it wasn’t their truth. Here it is the truth.”

“Choosing a law school is very difficult, especially when you don’t know what it is your supposed to be looking for,” says Makin. Having the unique experience of attending two law schools, she is happy to share her advice on finding the right law school. “I would encourage prospective students to call and come visit the school and ask any questions,” she says. “Don’t hesitate to talk to current students and faculty. You’ll get real answers, and that is what distinguishes Capital Law from other schools. Here, what you see is what you get. No one hides anything.”

“My situation is unusual” she says. “I felt that Capital chose me as a transfer student. Capital has a lot of resources that I didn’t have during my two years at my previous law school. The fact that the resources were even here and available spoke volumes to me as a student.” The variety of classes, concentrations, joint degree programs including a masters of business administration or masters of law in tax or business were things, she says, “I couldn’t do at my other school. At Capital Law, I feel at home.”

She’s enjoyed the opportunities of meeting new people, including our dedicated faculty. “Professor Strasser is so brilliant,” she says. “Family Law is challenging because it is a new concept to me, he does an excellent job. We talked about how I came here, my personal life. He’s always willing to give me advice. Having teachers like him around makes me proud I made the decision to come here.”

Not only have the students and faculty welcomed her, she’s already experienced the strong Capital Law alumni network located throughout Central Ohio. “Connecting with the African American Alumni Association helps me continually build relationships and rapports so that I can figure out what opportunities are available and a good fit for me in Ohio,” she says.

After a semester and a half, Makin acclimated to Columbus and our law school. “I feel like my dream matters at Capital” she says. “There’s health and wellness services, which I think are key for law students. When a school offers something like that, you know they care.” She continues, “If I could do it all over again, knowing what I know, I would choose Capital Law first.” 

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