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The Accelerated Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor

4/22/2015  -  Beginning this fall, Capital University will offer an Accelerated Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor. The Accelerated BA/JD program will allow students to earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in only six years, rather than the typical seven years. The result: A faster, more cost-effective track to a law degree.

“The Accelerated BA/JD is another example of Capital University’s commitment to providing a holistic education in a personalized, student-centered environment,” said Rachel M. Janutis, Interim Dean of Capital University Law School. “The Accelerated BA/JD allows students to take advantage of all of Capital’s centers of strength—its diverse undergraduate programs, its rich liberal arts tradition and its rigorous program of professional education—on a timetable and at a cost that allows students the freedom and flexibility to find their vocation in law wherever their talents, skills and interests lead them.”

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BA/JD may pursue a bachelor of arts degree in any major and minor of their choosing. Students will complete the general education, major and minor requirements of their chosen fields of study during their first three years at Capital. Students will apply to the Law School during the spring semester of their junior year and enroll in the Law School during what would ordinarily be their senior year. Credits earned during their first year at the Law School will satisfy the final elective requirements of the student’s Capital bachelor of arts degree while also counting as credit towards their Capital law degree.

“The Accelerated Bachelor of Arts/Juris Doctor advances Capital’s educational mission by helping to ensure that higher education and a professional degree are accessible to individuals from all income levels,” added Janutis. “Compared to a seven-year program, it will reduce the overall debt load carried by new lawyers, which will give them more freedom and flexibility in their professional lives.”

The Accelerated BA/JD program received necessary approval from the Ohio Supreme Court late last year, ensuring that graduates will be eligible to sit for the Ohio Bar Examination assuming they otherwise meet the Bar’s overall requirements. Students who are currently Capital undergraduates will be able to enter Capital Law as 3 + 3 students this fall. To be eligible, undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 100 semester undergraduate hours (60 of which must have been earned at Capital University) and complete all general education, major, and minor requirements. They must also meet the Law School’s presumptive admission requirements. Once enrolled at the Law School, students in the program may count up to 24 graduate credit hours earned with a letter grade of C or better toward their undergraduate degree.

The new program reinforces Capital’s status as a leader in educational innovation and access. The possibility of a faster track to a law degree gives high school students yet another reason to consider a Capital undergraduate degree, and another reason for Cap undergrads to remain at Capital for their legal education.