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Just the Facts: Domestic Violence

1/8/2014  - 

The Law School’s Family Advocacy Clinicreceived well-deserved acknowledgement when it was featured recently in a documentary about domestic violence.The program, “Just the Facts: Domestic Violence,”was produced by the City of Columbus for airing on the city’s public-access television station, C-TV. 

In addition to providing outstanding practical education opportunities for CapLaw students, the Family Advocacy Clinic provides vital legal support and protection for domestic abuse survivors throughout Franklin County who cannot afford to hire counsel.The clinic’s Civil Protection Unit (CPU) helps low-income abuse survivors to obtain civil protection orders from the courts, as well as represents them in divorce and other ancillary legal matters.Supervised by Professor of Clinical Studies Lorie L. McCaughan ’96, the CPU is staffed by three full-time lawyers, all graduates of CapLaw, and two paralegal/advocates.In the first half of 2013, it represented 130 clients and provided assistance short of full representation to at least 800 others.About 15 Capital Law students worked on its cases during that period.  


McCaughan Domestic Violence 

Lorie McCaughan discussing
advocating for victims of domestic
violence in the program,
"Just the Facts: Domestice Violence."

The clinic’s Contested Custody Unit (CCU) assists domestic abuse survivors in child custody disputes.It is staffed by two full-time lawyers, also CapLaw graduates, and is supervised by Professor of Clinical Studies Danny W. Bank ’90. The CCU represented 40 clients in the first half of 2013, assisted by 4 Capital Law students.  

“The Family Advocacy Clinic can be a legal life-line to people suffering domestic abuse,” says Prof. McCaughan, who appears in the documentary.“At the same time, our clinical students gain real-world experience.”Clinical students concentrating in family law are the most involved, while others participate depending on the pending cases and the students’ interest level.  

The clinic's efforts on behalf of domestic abuse survivors is funded by the Center for Family Safety and Healing at Nationwide Children's Hospital, which receives money from Franklin County, the state attorney general and the annual New Albany Classic.