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FASST Company

1/15/2014  - 

 What is that professor really like? Although students and professors spend many hours in the classroom together, sometimes they don’t really get to know one another very well.

The Law School’s, Faculty/Student Relations Committee has a solution to this problem: FASST luncheons and dinners. “FASST” stands for “Faculty and Student Social Time.” At each FASST meal, a different professor has lunch, dinner, or occasionally breakfast, with four students in the Huntington Commons at the law school. Before each meal, students receive an email letting them know which professor is available and when. Students then sign up on a sheet in the lobby. Slots fill up fast.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Professor Peggy Cordray, the Chair of the Faculty/Student Relations Committee reports: “The FASST lunches that I’ve attended have been delightful; the conversation has been wide-ranging, and it is a real pleasure to spend time with the students.”

Although students may learn from a professor during a meal, sometimes it works the other way around. “Who knew I had two former members of the OSU marching band and a former professional bowler in my class,” said Professor Risa Lazaroff, who recently had lunch with four of her first-year Legal Research and Writing students. “I would be happy to do another FASST lunch.” Other faculty members who have participated recently are Professors Gilles, Molina, Stewart, and Hirsh, and Dean Simpson.