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National Moot Court Team Joined in Battle

11/25/2013  - 


Capital University Law School’s Philip J. Fulton Law Offices National Moot Court Teams battled each other recently at the annual moot court Honor Round. 

The two teams’ effort kicked off the moot court season for Capital, which will field six teams in various competitions this year.

On one side were Tim Corbey ’14 and Nathan DeLong ’14 (pictured above on the left) on the other, Sam Dolder ’14 and Ryan Sander ’14. The well-argued round took place before a panel of distinguished judges:

  • Kent R. Marcus, enforcement director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, who served as chief legal counsel to former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland,
  • Capital Law School Dean Richard C. Simpson, and 
  • Professor Daniel T. Kobil.

Corbey and DeLong argued that the “state” of Old York violated the free speech clause of the First Amendment and the dormant commerce clause by requiring merchants to post signs meant to disclose the dangers of sugar-sweetened drinks, and by requiring bottles to bear a mark unique to Old York for sale there.

Sander and Dolder argued that the regulations were legitimate exercises of the state’s police power rationally related to the legitimate goal of public health; that the mark was neither discriminatory nor extraterritorial in its reach; and that it did not excessively burden interstate commerce.

Mr. Dolder won the evening’s best oralist and will also receive a $400 scholarship from the Central Ohio Association for Justice.

Both teams later competed in Region 6 of the National Moot Court Competition, sponsored by the New York City Bar Association and the American College of Trial Lawyers. The competition was held on November 9-10, 2013 at Ohio State University.

The team of Corbey and DeLong won half of their preliminary round competitions, and wrote the fifth strongest brief in the competition. The team of Dolder and Sander won all of their preliminary rounds, breaking through to the quarterfinals, and just missed taking their place among the top four teams in the competition

The team is coached by Professor James Beattie and Professor Jeffrey Snapp.