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Mannal, L’08, elected to Massachusetts State Legislature

12/7/2012  -  Capital University Law School graduate Brian Mannal, L’08, was elected to the Massachusetts State Legislature in November.

Mannal, who opened his own practice on Cape Cod, Mass., in 2009, defeated a 14-year incumbent representative for the 2nd Barnstable District.

“I decided to run for state representative because I was not satisfied with the job performance of the incumbent state representative,” Mannal said. “Truth be told, I simply wanted someone to do the job of representing our community on Beacon Hill, and I realized that if no one else was going to challenge him, then it was up to me.”

Mannal describes his private practice as client-centered, focusing primarily on criminal defense and civil litigation.

“I plan on maintaining my law practice, but will certainly take on fewer cases after being sworn into office,” Mannal said. “If anything, I'm hoping I will be able to be more selective with the cases I accept.”

Mannal said attending Capital University Law School was one of the best professional decisions he has made.

“At the time, I had the opportunity to go to business school and I weighed both options carefully,” Mannal said. “Ultimately, I opted for law school because I wanted to be able to hang out my own shingle someday, and you can't do that with an MBA.”

Running for office has long been one of Mannal’s aspirations.

“I have always been interested in politics on some level. I dreamed of running for elected office for years, but the timing wasn't right and I wanted to make sure that I had something to offer before I threw my hat in the ring,” he said. “Apart from practicing law, I have significant professional experience in the field of economic development. I hope to bring that experience to the state house and improve economic development initiatives on Cape Cod. I think the same set of skills that I rely upon in my law practice and in court will certainly be an asset to me in my role as state representative.”

Mannal said his strongest recollections of Capital University Law School include the friendships he made with other students in the evening law program, as well as the professors who challenged them and helped make sense of the law.

“Janet Blocher, Jeffrey Ferriell, Stanton Darling, Thomas Brown, Susan Gilles, Angela Upchurch, Charles Cohen, Yvonne Twiss, Joe Bodine and Max Kravitz were phenomenal teachers, and I feel blessed to have taken their courses at Capital,” Mannal said.