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New Capital University Law School Initiative Fosters Student, Alumni Connections

9/19/2012  - 

Capital University Law School is recruiting its graduates to participate in a new program that will connect alumni with current students for informal mentorship, career advice and insights into the legal profession.

Capital Law Connect is an informal professional network created to build and maintain relationships that will help students hone their professional networking skills and develop a stronger understanding of the legal profession. The program will allow students to connect online with active alumni who have expressed a willingness to offer advice, connections within the legal community and student skill-building activities such as informational interviews.

The Law School currently is building a core group of alumni willing to serve as informal mentors to these current students.

“The expectations for participating alumni are very manageable,” said Shawn Beem, a 2002 CapLaw alumnus and Director of the Office of Professional Development at the Law School. “They can agree to work with just one student or as many as five. Most of the requested commitment is limited to online connections with current students.”

Beem emphasized that Capital Law Connect is not a hiring program or a formal mentorship program. It’s intended to be more informal – an opportunity for making professional connections and gaining insights into the legal profession. 

The Law School’s first step is finding enough alumni who are willing to serve as professional connections to these current students. Alumni are asked to either contact Beem in the Office of Professional Development at 614-236-6889 or fill out a short informational form. On the form, alumni will be able to indicate the number of students they are willing to partner with, how they prefer to be contacted and some basic biographic information.