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Looper TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Susan Looper-Friedman

August 13, 2018

Professor Susan Looper-Friedman brings an international perspective to her work, having studied in both England and France before joining the Capital Law Faculty in 1985. A long-time champion of civil liberties she received the Flame of Liberty award from the Ohio Chapter of the ACLU in 2012 in recognition of nearly 30 years of leadership roles in that organization.

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Watson TN

CapLaw Represents: Judge Michael Watson on the Federal Bench

August 13, 2018

Judge Michael Watson, L’87, H’05, is a United States District Judge for the Southern District of Ohio, in Columbus. He was appointed by President George W. Bush and sworn in on October 1, 2004.

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Anderson TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Scott Anderson

August 6, 2018

Professor Scott Anderson was an assistant county prosecutor and a staff attorney for the Ohio State Criminal Sentencing Commission before he turned to teaching full-time. He received a doctorate degree in philosophy from the Ohio State University and began teaching at Capital in the fall of 2007.

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Gilles TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Susan Gilles

July 25, 2018

Professor Susan Gilles is known for running a high-energy, innovative classroom. A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Prof. Gilles has taught at Capital since 1990 and is faculty advisor to the Woman’s Law Association. We asked her to share some thoughts about herself, her work and succeeding in law school.

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Cordray TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Peggy Cordray

July 17, 2018

Professor Peggy Cordray loves teaching and particularly enjoys helping first-year law students learn how to learn the law. She has taught at Capital since 1992 and chairs the Law School’s Student Faculty Relations Committee. We asked her to share some thoughts about herself, her work and succeeding in law school.

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Guttenberg TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Jack Guttenberg

July 2, 2018

Professor Jack Guttenberg has been teaching law for more than 35 years. During that time he has taught clinical, simulation, and doctrinal courses predominantly focusing on litigation, criminal law, and the rules that govern the legal profession. During this time period he has also served as associate dean at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and dean here at Capital. Prior to law teaching and during his first five years of teaching, Professor Guttenberg served as a criminal defense lawyer representing clients in state and federal courts.

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Alger TN

Alger Scholarship Supports Civil Rights Advocates

June 27, 2018

Elinor Reynolds Alger, L’79, spent a lifetime advocating for human rights. After she passed away in 2012, her son, Mark Alger, knew the best way to honor his mother’s memory would be to assist a Capital University Law School student with a like-minded passion.

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Lazaroff TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Risa Lazaroff

June 26, 2018

Professor Risa Lazaroff has been teaching at the Law School since 1994. She is the academic director for the Externship Program and faculty advisor for the Civil Litigation Concentration.

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Anderson TN

Professor Anderson Honored by SBA

June 20, 2018

This year, the SBA is honoring Professor Scott Anderson for his outstanding contributions to legal education and his mentorship of the student body. The SBA award signifies that Professor Anderson exemplifies all that is good in legal education and in academic life at Capital University Law School.

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Ferriell TN

Incoming 1Ls, Meet Your Professors: Jeff Ferriell

June 18, 2018

Professor Jeff Ferriell joined the Faculty at Capital in 1987 after teaching for eight years at other law schools in Ohio and elsewhere. In 2016 he was designated as the Geraldine W. Howell Professor of Law. An amateur radio buff (K8ZDA) and avid cyclist, he has participated in and worked as a volunteer for the annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley for over 30 years, and worked for over 20 years a member of the volunteer staff of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.

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