Meet the Academic Success Program Team

  • The Academic Success Program Team is led by four members of the full-time faculty, all of whom also teach first-year courses, including Contracts, Constitutional Law and Torts. They are assisted by other members of the full-time faculty who teach Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Clinic, Criminal Law, Legal Drafting, Torts, and Legal Research and Writing. They are all dedicated to the academic success of Capital's first-year students.

    Capital's Academic Success Program consists of three components: Summer Academic Success, Fall Semester Academic Success, and Spring Semester Academic Success.

    • Summer Academic Success is a pre-matriculation program for incoming law students, conducted each year during the two weeks before the start of fall semester classes. Summer ASP is required for some entering students, suggested for others, and available to others for a modest charge, depending on the availability of space. More information about Summer ASP. 
    • Fall Academic Success is a program of workshops and presentations available to all first-year students. It helps students gain the basic skills they need to be successful law students: organizing their time, reading and briefing cases, reading statutes, taking good classroom notes, reviewing, outlining, and taking law school exams. Participation in these workshops is open to all students, but is required for those who were required to participate in Summer ASP and those who are referred to the program based on the results of midterm exams in the fall semester Small Section in Torts.
    • Spring Academic Success is an extended program of workshops on law school study skills combined with individual meetings with experienced law professors. This program helps students build on the skills they developed during the fall semester. Spring ASP is designed primarily for students whose academic achievement during the fall semester indicates they will benefit from additional individualized help in improving these fundamental skills.

    The Summer and Fall ASPs are run by Professor Jeff Ferriell. Professor Ferriell also teaches Contracts, Bankruptcy, and Commercial Law. He is assisted in the Summer ASP by Professors Scott Anderson, Susan Gilles, Laurie McCaughan, Melinda Molina, Jacqueline Orlando, Jeff Snapp, Richard Wood and Yvonne Twiss. During the fall, several other faculty members, all of whom teach first-year courses, assist Professor Ferriell in leading various skills workshops for first-year students.

    Spring ASP is run by Professors Dan Kobil and Melinda Molina. Professor Corday also teaches Contracts and Evidence. Professor Molina also teaches Torts and White Collar Crime.