Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program Application Instructions

  • All persons with an undergraduate college degree are eligible to apply to the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program (MDR).

    Due to logistical and financial aid considerations, the Certificate Program has moved from an open enrollment program to a program that accepts students on a once a year basis.  The Admission Office begins reviewing new applications beginning in late January, and the next enrollment period for new students commences each summer semester. Currently financial aid and/or scholarships are not available for this program.

    An applicant must have a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university and a demonstrated aptitude for mediation and/or dispute resolution. Applicants are accepted to the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program on a rolling basis as files become complete.

    The Office of Admission carefully evaluates a candidate's undergraduate and graduate coursework, employment history, writing ability, general background, and other information the candidate feels is important to the admission decision.

    Please read all the information carefully before submitting your application. Files are not reviewed until all required materials are received. Failure to answer all questions or submit all required documents will delay the processing of your application.

    Complete an application form. You can submit the application and all relevant documents by mail or email by June 1, 2013.

    A completed applicant file will include:  

    1. Completed application.
    2. Personal statement which will answer: (a) Why you wish to enroll in the Certificate Program; (b) Your career and personal goals; and (c) How this certificate will advance your professional goals.
    3. Resume.
    4. Undergraduate and graduate school transcripts submitted directly to the Law School. Addres 
    5. Two letters of recommendation. Letters should be sent directly from the recommender to the Law School.
    6. $35 application fee  paid by check or money order and mailed directly to the Law School.

    Mail all applicant materials to: 
    Capital University Law School
    Office of Admission
    303 E. Broad St.
    Columbus, Ohio 43021

    Email to:  

    Advanced Standing Requirements

    Academic Courses

    Applicants may request credit toward their mediation or dispute resolution certificate for qualifying academic (for-credit coursework done within the confines of an undergraduate institute or law school) courses taken within the three years prior to applying to the certificate program. Up to eight (8) credit hours may be granted if an individual provides all requested documentation and the academic course(s) meets all requirements. Documentation must be provided as a part of the application process.

    Documentation Required:

    • Course syllabus including course description, number of credit hours, textbook, assignments, and method of grading.
    • Instructors biography and contact information.
    • Transcript and/or proof of successful completion of course.