Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program

  • The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio is an 18 credit hour educational program that consists of a combination of law school courses, externships, written projects, and skills training classes.  All persons with an undergraduate college degree from an accredited university or college are eligible to apply, and students may enroll to earn the Mediation Certificate or the Dispute Resolution Certificate. 

    Academic Courses: What’s Available

    The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program allows individuals to mix classroom work with practical opportunities. Individuals are able to select from various academic courses.  

    The academic courses are offered through the law school, and the training classes are provided by the Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR). Current skill-building training classes include Negotiation, Basic Mediation, Becoming a More Effective Mediator, Succeeding in the Business of Mediation, Mediation Ethics, Intensive Mediation and Handling Workplace Conflicts.

    Who Should Enroll

    The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program welcomes all individuals with an undergraduate degree who want to enhance their knowledge and skills related to dispute resolution. Individuals will be required to complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of instruction. Individuals will be able to complete a certificate in one or two years depending on their time availability.

    Business leaders, human resource managers, accountants, real estate agents, supervisors, professors, teachers, nurses, customer service managers, attorneys, paralegals and others can enroll in this program to master conflict resolution and mediation skills. Individuals may tailor their certificate to enhance their reputations as skilled and knowledgeable dispute resolution professionals in a variety of topic areas.

    Benefits To Individuals Who Enroll

    Individuals who enroll in the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program will obtain:

    • Improved understanding of the continuum of dispute resolution processes
    • Improved negotiation, conflict resolution, mediation and/or arbitration skills
    • Increased knowledge of laws and codes of conduct related to dispute resolution practice
    • Increased understanding of the use of dispute resolution process in a variety of systems
    • Quality instruction from experienced and knowledgeable professors and trainers
    • Participation in the rich history and internationally-recognized dispute resolution work

    Admission Information

    Interested applicants may apply begining in January 2013 for enrollment commencing in May 2013.

    All classes are held at the Law School. Tuition for the certificate programs is $546 per semester hour.