Loan Repayment - Capital University Law School

Loan Repayment

  • Loan Servicer 

    Your loan servicer handles all billing regarding your student loan, so you’ll need to make payments directly to your servicer. Each servicer has their own payment process and can work with you if you need help making payments. If you’re not sure who your loan servicer is please log in online

    Exit Counseling 

    Exit counseling provides important information you need to prepare to repay your federal student loan(s).

    Topics include:

    • Understand Your Loans
    • Plan to Repay
    • Avoid Default
    • Make Finances a Priority 

    All students who were disbursed Stafford and/or Grad PLUS loans while enrolled at Capital University Law School are required to complete Loan Exit Counseling.

    You may complete online exit counseling.


    There are many resources and websites available to help you learn about managing your money and reducing your debt. We have listed a few for you to check out. Proper financial planning is just as important as selecting the right law school; both have tremendous effect on your future happiness.

    • Access Group is a nonprofit student loan provider who has been assisting students with financing their education and navigating the student loan process for more than 25 years.  
    • SALT is a free, nonprofit-backed educational program that helps every student who wants a college degree to get it in a financially responsible way. SALT’s neutral advice, practical information, and interactive lessons help students gain money knowledge for college and beyond, keeping them on the path to success.