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Life Care Planner Courses


    Class Content Overview


    Modules I – V are online & Module VI (Trial Practice) is onsite   

    Module I: Life Care Planning Methodology/The Assessment Process/Multiple Disabilities:  

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module will provide a presentation of the step by step procedures utilized in developing life care plans. The student will review life expectancy tables, specialized catastrophic forms, collateral sources, assistive technology, resource forms, and cost analysis. It will also include a review of documents, interviewing  & assessment techniques, report writing, billing, and related care and services. A comprehensive overview of the assessment process, assessment forms, and report  writing will be studied. Specialized areas such a spinal cord injury, traumatic   brain injury, pediatric anoxic incident, cerebral palsy and brain damage will be  emphasized. Assessing, interviewing and comprehensive medical records review  will be presented. A brief overview of chronic illnesses, burns, amputations, visual impairments, AIDS, and organ transplantation will also be discussed.

    Module II: Medical Rehabilitation Team Process/Referral Sources:

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module will discuss comprehensive medical records analysis, interviews with clients, working with the client's family members, and interaction with the medical/rehabilitation team members. In particular; the module will address working with physicians, nurses, physical/occupational /speech/hearing therapists, psychologists, economists, neuropsychologists, vocational experts, and the legal team. A presentation by vendors of products and services will be provided. The content will provide an emphasis on institutional sources, home care sources, and cost associated with these sources. A study of contracts, experts, role of the case manager, and the treatment team will be included.

    Module III: Vocational Rehabilitation/ Economics, Damages/Structured Settlements:  

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module will provide a comprehensive study of the roles of the vocational counselor, vocational management specialists, neuropsychologist, and rehabilitation team members. Usage of vocational testing, measuring interests & aptitudes, identifying  transferable skills, vocational needs assessment forms, earning capacities & wage loss, job analysis, labor market surveys & analysis, and the Americans with Disabilities Act will be studied. There will also be a discussion regarding the validity and reliability of testing and the scientific methodology relied upon for expert testimony. This module will also include an in depth presentation of the role of the economist in life care planning. Which will include; wrongful death, personal injury, life expectancy, loss of earning capacity and  loss of wages, and work life expectancy. An emphasis on economic calculations of a life care plan, resources available and utilizing these resources will be made.   The content will specifically address the study of the following types of damages: Hedonic damages, Human Capital Approach, considerations in valuation, admissibility of damage testimony, and the recovery of damages. There will be a discussion regarding structured settlements, annuities, trusts, structured settlement program designs, and relevant court cases.

    Module IV: Capstone Course: 

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module will include the methodology required in writing a life care plan report. The C LCP professor will systematically review the components of a life care plan report of a catastrophic case. Tips and techniques will be reviewed in preparation for the life care plan which will be written by each student during Module V. There will be a discussion regarding the marketing and development of a life care planner business practice. A presentation will be given to familiarize the student with the process, testing, and qualifications required by the Commission on Health Care Certification to achieve the certification as a life care planner. Examples of life care plans will be critiqued from a both a plaintiff and defense prospective. Individualized conferences with the CLCP professor will be provided to assist you in writing your plan.

    Module V: Preparation of a Life Care Plan: 

    1 credit hour - online  

    Each student will be required to utilize the information presented throughout the course of the LCP Certificate Program, utilize the medical records, research, various forms, contracts, referrals, and cost analysis to write their individualized comprehensive life care plan report. This completed life care plan report will be submitted for review and critique by the Certified Life Care Planner Panel of the Capital University Law School. Those students who meet the requirements of the CHCC and successfully complete the required comprehensive life care plan report, will be eligible to sit for the life care planner certification exam. Individualized critique and conferences with the CLCP will occur.

    Module VI: Trial Practice:  

    2 credit hours - onsite  

    This module will provide an understanding of discovery process in civil litigation. The student will be provided with the substantive and theory information as to serving as an expert witness, and the role of the life care planner in the litigation process. There will be a demonstration of a deposition, direct testimony and cross exam testimony of a life care planner. In addition, this will be a hands-on and return demonstration style of class. Each student will be expected to present and defend their life care plan report that was completed in the capstone course. Each student will actively participate in a deposition, and then in a moot courtroom setting where they will experience direct testimony, cross-examination, and rebuttal testimony with practicing attorneys, a Judge and a Jury. Your testimony experience will be based upon your own life care plan! Following each student's trial testimony, there will be a debriefing of their performance.


    104 CLOCK HOURS - of the modules of your choice  

    Five Modules are online & one module (Creating a Consulting Business) is onsite    

    Module VII: Medical Research & Writing: 

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module is constructed to provide the student with an overview of the medical/legal databases available for research. It will also provide the student with the fundamentals necessary to successfully perform medical literature research. The research process is presented as well as various research exercises that require the student to individually utilize the process and perform medical literature research. Each student must successfully complete various medical literature catalog and database searches, apply their acquired search results to issues of causation, liability, and damages commonly associated with medical-malpractice, personal injury, catastrophic injury, workers compensation, product liability, and general  tort liability cases. The techniques and style of writing utilized by the legal, medical and rehabilitation communities will be addressed.

    Module VIII: Civil Litigation/Substantive Law:  

    2 credit hours - online  

    This module will provide an understanding of the nature and operation of the pretrial and trial civil process, the relationship of the rules of civil procedure, and rules of evidence to that process. This module will also provide an introduction to law, the constitution and the court system. It will review the attorney-client and the attorney-expert relationship. There will be an overview of civil law, tort law, contract law, business law, and criminal law. The student will be able to identify sources of law, types and classifications of law, and applications of law to the individual. Administrative law and administrative agencies will be discussed as well as finding and analyzing the law, legal reasonings, and legal ethics.

    Module IX: Workers' Compensation/Social Security /Disability  

    2 credit hours – online  

    This is a survey course intended to familiarize students with the history and substantive principles of workers' compensation, social security, and disability law. Content on Medicare Set-Aside will also be presented. Practical examples are used in this course to illustrate points and identify issues. The skills that are emphasized include obtaining information that is relevant to the frequently encountered issues in workers' compensation claims. In addition, this course includes an overview of the administration process, as to information relevant and necessary for the processing of a claim, client intake information, calculation of benefits, and appropriate forms for filing various claims. Social Security claims, benefit programs, hearings, appeal process, and claims are also addressed. In addition, there will be a discussion of how the LCP coordinates with and prepares a life care plan for a BWC claimant.

    Module X: Nuts & Bolts of the Life Care Plan for TBI, SCI & Amputation  

    2 credit hours – online  

    This course will present and discuss the latest and the upcoming treatment modalities, equipment, and care of the catastrophically injured TBI, SCI and amputee individual. Medical, psychological, and daily living issues will be addressed as well. Medical research applied to these issues will be presented.

    Module XI: Nuts & Bolts of the Life Care Plan for Pediatric Care & Elder Care  

    2 credit hours – online  

    This course will present and discuss the latest and the upcoming treatment modalities, equipment, and care of the catastrophically injured pediatric or elder individual. Medical, psychological, and daily living issues will be addressed as well. Medical research applied to these issues will be presented.

    Module XII: Creating a Consulting Business  

    2 credit hours – Onsite  

    This unique module will include how to set up your technological office from the very basic to the latest and greatest! It will discuss software applicable to the Consultant.

    There will be information on accounting and billing practices, contracts, and collecting your fees! We will discuss small business loans, funding sources, and how to write a business plan. Our graphics & technology professor will discuss marketing, web marketing, web pages and web sites. You will view and critique web pages and also learn how to create your own basic web page! Take your practice to new heights!

    Scheduling Information 

    The Life Care Planner Certificate Programs are approved by CHCC for CEU credits and can be taken as modules for CEU only. Our onsite Trial Practice and Creating a Consulting Business modules will be offered at Capital University Law School in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  All certificate seeking students (LCP Professional Certificate or LCP Advanced Practice Certificate) are eligible for federal financial aid.