Legal Nurse Consultant Program Admission

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    Applicants must have an active RN license, a minimum of 5,000 hours of clinical experience and a bachelor’s degree. Students may also enter the program via the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion program at Capital University's School of Nursing, and may use the LNC program as a minor while finishing their Bachelor’s degree. The admissions committee will consider applicants with extensive clinical experience (at least 15 years) and at least 60 hours of college credit for a very limited number of program seats without admission to the BSN Completion program.

    Permission of the Paralegal Programs Executive Director is required to transfer any required or elective courses into the paralegal, LNC, or LCP programs. In the paralegal and LNC programs, only courses from an ABA approved program are transferable; up to a maximum of 9 semester credit hours as transfer credits will be allowed. In the LCP program, only courses from an accredited college or university and ICHCC approved program are transferable to a maximum of 4 semester credit hours as transfer credits will be allowed.