Legal Nurse Consultant FAQs - Capital University Law School

Legal Nurse Consultant FAQs

  • When do your classes meet?
    Classes meet the first weekend of every month beginning in January and ending in October with an optional elective offered in November.

    How long does the program last?
    Students who enroll full-time can complete the program in 10 months.

    How many clock hours are required to graduate?
    A student must take 20 credit hours to graduate. Tuition is $380.00 per credit hour.

    May I transfer credits in from another Legal Nurse Consultant Program? 

    Permission of the Paralegal Programs Executive Director is required to transfer any required or elective courses into the paralegal, LNC, or LCP programs. In the paralegal and LNC programs, only courses from an ABA approved program are transferable; up to a maximum of 9 semester credit hours as transfer credits will be allowed. In the LCP program, only courses from an accredited college or university and ICHCC approved program are transferable to a maximum of 4 semester credit hours as transfer credits will be allowed.

    How much does it cost?
    Tuition for the Legal Nurse Consultant Program is currently $380.00 per credit hour or $7,600 (this does not include books). Modest increases can be expected depending upon increased expenses. There is a $135.00 non-refundable administrative fee (which is not covered by financial aid), a $100 lab fee, and a non-refundable $30.00 application fee.

    How much do books cost?
    Approximately $600-$800 for the entire program.

    Can I get federal financial aid for your program?
    Federal Aid is available to those students who qualify.  The loan eligibility is based on the information provided by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal student Aid).

    When are payments due?
    Payments will be made in three installments - in January, May and August

    Where do I buy my books?
    A booklist will be provided so that students can order books online; some books can be purchased directly through the Paralegal Program office.

    What about parking?
    Parking is free to all Capital University Law School students. You will receive a parking pass at orientation. You can only park at the law school after 4:00 p.m. and on weekends.

    How long will I have to study each week?
    You can expect to study 3-4 hours for each hour spent in class; this time is increased if there is a paper or other major assignment involved.

    Is there an internship requirement?
    Since most students work full time or have other significant responsibilities during the day, we do not require an internship. We are, however, able to provide internships to most students who are interested in obtaining one.

    How will I be graded?
    Most classes are graded utilizing the standard grading scale. Certain classes are graded on a Pass/Fail basis and will not impact a student’s grade point average.

    How large are the classes?
    We do not seat more than 20 students per class.

    May I attend part-time?
    While the CULS Legal Nurse Consultant Program encourages its students to attend full-time, a part-time option is available. Ask the Program Director for details!