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Labor and Employment Law Association

  • The Labor and Employment Law Association ("LELA") seeks to:

    • Keep members advised of new developments in labor and employment law.
    • Bring in employers to advise members on job opportunities within the employers' organizations.
    • Give members an opportunity to have open forums for discussion on issues related to labor and employment law. 
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    2015-2016 Leadership 
    Co-Presidents: Alicia Reynolds/Lauren Larrick
    Treasurer: Lezley Neal
    Secretary: Amand Touvell

    Historical Information

    2015-2016 Leadership 
    President: Alicia Reynolds
    Vice-President: Melissa Bright
    Treasurer: Phillip Sarnowski

    2014-2015 Leadership
    President: Matthew Horton
    Vice-President/treasurer: Melody Smith

    2013-2014 Leadership
    President: Jennifer Woods
    Treasurer / Secretary: Matt Metzner

    2012-2013 Leadership
    President: Molly Dames
    Vice President: Kyle Gallenstein
    Treasurer: Matt Metzner
    Secretary: Jennifer Woods
    Advisor: Professor Floyd Weatherspoon

    2011-2012 Leadership
    President: Antwan Booker
    Vice President: Jennifer Rohrbaugh
    Treasurer: Bryan Conaway
    Secretary: Melissa Peters
    Advisor: Professor Floyd Weatherspoon