Hon. John W. McCormac Award for Outstanding Service to the Paralegal Profession

  • The Annual Honorable John W. McCormac Award was established by Capital University Law School Paralegal Programs and the Columbus Bar Association in 2003 as an award honoring Judge John W. McCormac for his years of dedicated public service and significant contributions to the paralegal profession. Project Lawyers became involved in 2004 by becoming a co-sponsor of this award and providing all the funding for the award.

    This award honors an individual who has provided outstanding service to the Paralegal Profession.  The criteria on which the recipient is selected is as follows:

    • Length of involvement with the paralegal profession
    • Support of paralegal educational efforts
    • Efforts to increase the credibility and status of the paralegal profession
    • Service to the legal community and professional organization

    We are asking you to nominate candidates who fulfill the criteria.  You can do so by providing a letter of nomination/recommendation with a brief explanation of how they have fulfilled the criteria.  Please provide your letter to Donna Schoebel, Paralegal Programs Director by email (dschoebel@law.capital.edu) or mail to Capital University Law School, 303 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.