Hosting a CLE Course - Capital University Law School

Hosting a CLE Course

  • Departments that wish to host a Continuing Legal Education Course (CLE) should follow these steps:

    Identify Topic and Speakers

    • “The CLE Activity shall have significant intellectual or practical content, the primary objective of which is to improve the participants' professional competence as an Attorney or Judge.” Reg. 406(A)
    • “The CLE Activity shall be an organized program of learning dealing with matters directly related to the practice of law, professional conduct or ethical obligations, law office economics, or other subjects that will maintain and improve the quality of legal services in Ohio.” Reg. 406(B)
    • “The program leaders or lecturers shall be qualified by education or have the necessary practical skill to conduct the program effectively.” Reg. 406(C)
    Identify Date and Location
    • “The CLE Activity shall be presented in a suitable setting, conducive to a good educational environment.” Reg. 406(E)
    Complete CLE Request Form
    • Form 18 – Request for Announcement (DOCXPDF)
    • When completing the form, use the following contact information:  
    • This form should be submitted via email to Diane Emrick no less than 30 days prior to the date of the event. In the event that you cannot submit within 30 days of the event, you must include a late fee payment of $100 (made payable to the Supreme Court of Ohio).
    • Submit information concerning the CLE Activity, including the brochure describing the CLE Activity, the names and qualifications (resume or brief biography) of the speakers, the method or manner of presentation of materials, the agenda with a detailed time schedule. Reg. 406(F)
      • From time to time, the Commission on CLE may request a set of the materials to be distributed to the participants.

    Prepare CLE Materials
    • “Before or at the time of the CLE Activity, each Attendee shall be provided with course materials in the form of written, electronic, or other format that are of such quality and quantity to indicate that adequate time has been devoted to their preparation and that they will be of value to the participants. Although a Sponsor may provide materials only in electronic format, the Sponsor shall make materials available in written format prior to the activity upon request from an Attendee. Course materials in Power Point or other format shall be subject to the same criteria as other materials.” Reg. 406(D)

    Prepare CLE Sign-In Forms
    Prepare Attendance Spreadsheet
    • “Within thirty days after presentation of a CLE Activity, an Established Sponsor and Established Self-Study Sponsor shall submit to the Commission all requests for CLE Credit in a manner authorized by the Commission. Established Sponsors shall retain attendance records for two years following the presentation of a CLE Activity.” Reg. 404.1(H)
    • MS Excel Attendance Spreadsheet (Required)