Hispanic Law Students Association

  • Hispanic Law Students Association (“HLSA”) seeks to:

    • Create and foster an environment in which people of Hispanic origin can discover and develop a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage while interacting with people of other heritages in the law school community.
    • Encourages its members to become involved in public interest organizations.

    2011-2012 Leadership
    Vice President: Jaclyn Chapple
    Secretary: Dannie Creamer
    Treasurer: John Jakmides
    2L Representative: Hilari Lipton 
    2010-2011 Leadership
    President: Lillian Mendieta
    Vice President: Greg Porter
    Secretary: Hilari Lipton
    Treasurer: Crystal Moncada
    Public Relations: Jaclyn Chapple
    1L Representative: Danny Neyra
    2L Representative: John Jakmides
    Advisor: Professor James Beattie