Graduate Law Tuition Grant Program

  • Capital University Law School’s LL.M. Tuition Grant Program is making it more affordable than ever for Capital Law and Capital University graduates to get an LL.M. degree and make themselves more marketable to the legal community. Whether you are a recent law school graduate or a veteran attorney, an LL.M. increases your marketability in the legal community by teaching you specialized skills that differentiate you from the crowd. In highly specialized areas such as taxation and business transactions, employers want lawyers who have expertise in the area and who will hit the ground running. An LL.M. degree creates access to additional job opportunities that aren’t available to someone holding a J.D. degree.

    The Capital Law LL.M. Grant Program cuts the tuition in half for its Master of Laws program for graduates of the Law School and for Capital University alumni who received J.D. degrees at another law school. With the tuition grant, the cost is only $583.00 per credit hour. An LL.M. requires 24 credit hours for completion. In addition, students may be able to apply up to 12 credit hours from a Capital J.D. or up to six hours from other J.D. programs toward their LL.M.

    To be eligible for a tuition grant, students:

    1. Must be enrolled in the LL.M. program. 
    2. Must not be employed full-time in a law-related job.
    3. Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA each semester while enrolled in the grant program.