Financial Information Spring 2013

  •  Mary Ann Lutz, Assistant Director of Student Accounts, will be available for questions and special arrangements.  Ms. Lutz’ office is located at main campus, 103 Yochum Hall, phone 614-236-6216.

    As of May 01, 2012, tuition is $1147.00 per credit hour.  


    • Spring semester payments are due January 7, 2013. 
    • Late Payment Fee: (Charged to unpaid accounts approximately 10 days after due date) $150.00 
    • E-Bills will be sent out by the Finance Office by December 12, 2012 to your Capital email accounts.



     After the drop period ends, to withdraw from an individual course or to withdraw completely from the Law School, the student must complete a Dean’s Action form. No refund will be made without an approved Dean’s Action form.

    For a student who officially withdraws from the Law School or from a Law School course or courses during a semester or term, the amount of tuition due to the Law School is determined by the student’s official withdrawal date as set by the Office of Records & Registration. The amount of the refund is calculated based upon the withdrawal date as follows:


      Final Date for Refund 

    Refund Percent  

    Change in Registration Fee 

    -drop through the 2nd week of the semester   (ending Jan. 20, 2013 – Online Only)   100%   $0.00  
    -withdrawal through the 4th week of the semester (ending Feb. 3, 2013)   75%   $10.00  
    -withdrawal through the 6th week of the semester (ending Feb. 17, 2013)   50%    $25.00  
    -withdrawal after the after 6th week of the semester (after Feb. 17, 2013)   0%  $50.00  



    • Add:   Additional courses after the registration period must be completed by January 13, 2013, online only.
    • Drop:  Drops must be completed by January 20, 2013, online only, 100% refund.
    • No tuition may be refunded for a withdrawal that is made without the permission of the Dean.
    • Students who withdraw from one or more, but not all, courses receive refunds based on the percentage listed in the tuition refund policy above.



    Students must complete at least 60% of the calendar days of the semester/term in order to have earned 100% of awarded federal financial aid.  If a recipient of Title IV federal financial aid (Federal Stafford Loan or Federal Perkins Loan) completely withdraws from the University prior to having completed at least 60% of the calendar days of the semester/term, a portion of the federal aid received will have to be returned to the appropriate federal aid programs by the school, student or both.  The percentage of federal aid “earned” is equal to the percentage of days completed out of the total number of calendar days in the semester/term, beginning with the official start date of the term thru the last day of classes.  Breaks of five (5) days or more are excluded for this percentage calculation.  The number of days completed is based on the official withdrawal date. The University will be responsible for determining the amount of federal financial aid that is unearned and must be returned to the appropriate aid program.  Unearned Title IV aid must be returned in the following order:  Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, other Title IV assistance.  In some instances the student may be required to repay some of the Title IV aid he or she received for non-institutional charges.  Also, in some cases, a student may be eligible for a late disbursement of awarded aid if the amount of aid received is less than the amount earned at the point of withdrawal.  Non-Title IV financial aid is not affected by this calculation of earned aid.  State, institutional and private assistance will be subject to the normal refund guidelines established for the program or by the donor. If you believe that you may be due a refund after all the calculations described here, it is important that you complete a “Refund Request Form”, available on the Student Accounts Office website or in the Law School’s Financial Aid Office, and return it to the Student Accounts Office to facilitate the refund to you.  If you are required to return unearned funds, you will be notified by the Financial Aid Office.  If you are eligible for a late disbursement of earned aid, you will be notified by the Financial Aid Office.