Fall & Spring Recruitment Program - Capital University Law School

Fall & Spring Recruitment Program

  • The Fall and Spring Recruitment Programs (aka OCI or On-Campus Interviewing) are competitive programs in which employers preselect and interview students for summer positions. Summer law clerk positions with participating employers may offer a wide-variety of professional experiences including researching and drafting memoranda of law, attending depositions, meetings, hearings, and trials, participating in social outings and activities, and much more. Such summer positions may lead to long-term, post-graduate employment.

    Though the Program has existed for many years, it has always been an employer-driven, selective hiring program. (When surveyed after graduation, less than 10 percent or graduates reported fall or spring recruiting as the method used to obtain post-graduate employment). The Fall and Spring Recruitment Program continues to evolve as major law firms and government agencies dramatically limit the number schools visited and reduce the number of summer and permanent hires. Despite this reduced status for fall recruiting, many large law firms continue to hire in the fall on an extremely selective basis for summer and post-graduate positions.

    Qualified students with an interest in participating employers are strongly encouraged to participate in the Fall Recruiting Program.

    The Fall Recruitment Program offers employers three interview sessions:

    • August Early Interview Week (NOTE: this interview week occurs before the fall semester begins)
    • September Interviews
    • October Interviews

    The Spring Recruitment Program offers employers typically one interview session in February and March.

    To participate in the Fall Recruitment Program, you must be a 2D, 3E, 3D, or 4E student. If you started law school as a part-time student (day or evening division) and switched to the full-time program after the first-year, you may participate in fall recruiting. If you do not fall into either category, please see Assistant Dean Beem.

    To participate in the Spring Recruitment Program, you must be a 1D, 2E, 3E, 3D, or 4E student.

    The Office of Professional Development uses Symplicity to manage the Program. Each employer will register and indicate any specific hiring criteria including class year, class rank, Grade Point Average (GPA), and materials to be submitted. All materials requested by participating employers will be submitted online via Symplicity (with the occasional exception for undergraduate transcripts). Note that when you log in to Symplicity you will only see employers seeking your class year. 

    The majority of participating employers will be mid-sized and large law firms with offices in Columbus as well as a few government agencies and corporations. Most employers that participate in the Fall Recruitment Program are only seeking 2D/3E students, while those participating in the Spring are only seeking 1D/2E students.

    Some employers may not be able to come on campus this year but are interested in Capital University Law School students. Resume-collect employers collect materials from interested students via the job posting board and not via the OCI tab. Note that not every employer can come on campus or conduct a resume collect from Capital. See RESUME COLLECT & NON-PARTICIPATING EMPLOYERS below for more information about finding other recruiting employers.

    Capital University Law School does not prescreen student applications other than for class year eligibility. Each employer makes interview selections based on its criteria and needs. Most participating law firms are seeking students in the top 25% of the class who are members of Law Review. Some employers will seek exceptionally strong students in the top 5% only.

    Although employers determine the criteria used to make their interview selections, any eligible student may submit requested materials to a participating employer. You will only be able to view and to submit to employers that are seeking applicants from your class year.

    In addition to a resume, some employers will request a cover letter, transcript, or writing sample. Occasionally, an employer may ask for additional materials such as an application, personal statement, or list of references. All requested materials will be noted on the employer’s Symplicity registration. You may only submit the documents requested. DO NOT attempt to submit something other than the documents requested.

    All interviews will take place at the law school in assigned meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices. All employer registration pages include the date of the scheduled interview for that employer.

    NOTE! If you are interested in a participating employer and decide to submit an application, you must be available on the listed interview date should you be selected for an interview. Failure to attend a first interview may result in all other applications being withdrawn and all scheduled interviews cancelled. Please see Assistant Dean Beem if you have any questions about dates.

    Capital is a member of NALP, an association of over 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in North America and beyond. NALP's Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process were crafted to ensure that law schools, legal employers, and law students are afforded and guided by a balanced set of principles throughout the recruitment process. All law students should be well-versed in these principles as they engage employers participating in fall and spring recruitment.

    While many large law firms, government agencies, and corporations use fall recruiting to find summer law clerks, not every employer can come to Capital to interview interested students. This is particularly true for employers in other cities and states. Some employers have asked the Office of Professional Development to collect applications (resume collect) for possible interviews at the employers’ offices. These employers are listed on the “Job Posting” tab of Symplicity. Note that these employers have varying deadline dates. Review the postings carefully.

    If you’re interested in an employer not listed, you should consider visiting the employer’s website for additional guidance on hiring. You should also explore all available resources to determine which employers are hiring. Consider the following:

    • The NALP Directory of Legal Employers “is the most widely used directory in legal recruiting.” The directory includes information on more than 1,500 employers nationwide.
    • The Government Honors & Internship Handbook Produced by the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law Career & Professional Development Office, includes recruiting information on many federal and state agencies including summer and post-graduate employment opportunities. This site is password-protected. Please contact the Office of Professional Development to obtain the username and password.
    • PSJD  is a unique online clearinghouse for law students and lawyers to connect with public interest job listings and career-building resources. 
    • Martindale-Hubbell is an excellent resource to search for general information about attorneys and law firms. While it does not specifically include hiring information, it can help you narrow your employer search.