Evacuation Procedures - Capital University Law School

Evacuation Procedures

  • The goal of an evacuation is to get employees and students out of the facility and grouped at designated reassembly points. Listed below is an outline representing general information on the preferred evacuation routes from the law school. In a real emergency, the actual circumstances will determine the appropriate response.

    • Building evacuations will occur when the building alarm sounds and/or upon notification by Security.
    • Occupants are to leave the building by the nearest exit and alert others to do the same.
    • Elevators are not to be used.
    • Depending on the nature of the incident, staff and local responders will conduct a door-to-door search of the building, telling all occupants to evacuate.
    • Individuals needing assistance are to wait on the nearest stairwell, where fire officials will be directed:
      • North (by Broad Street entrance) fire and severe weather
      • Southeast (by Capital Street entrance) fire and weather
      • West – Library (by Sixth Street entrance) fire only
    • Outside the building, evacuees should reassemble at the following sites:
      • From Capital Street exit – Lot #1, south side closest to Oak Street
      • From 6th Street exit – Lot #1, south side closest to Oak Street
      • From Broad Street exits – Lot #2, east side closest to Grant Street; if necessary, Lot #3, east of Grant Street 
    • Evacuees should not return to the building until notified to do so by an authorized security or facilities personnel.